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Jackets, Waders, Boots & Layering

If you fish the Pacific Northwest for salmon, steelhead, and trout, you know that you need to keep dry and warm for a lot of the year.

At Pacific Angler we have gear from Simms, Redington, Fishpond and Hodgman to make this happen. We carry a complete assortment of layering pieces, fleece, liner socks, and wading socks to keep you warm. Next we have jackets, waders, bib pants, wading boots, and deck boots to keep the heat in and the moisture out.

We also have a large selection of hats, gloves, and specialized shirts to keep you warm in the winter or cool and protected from the sun in the summer. Heading down to Cuba, Belize, or Mexico? We have flats boots, pants, shirts, stripping gloves, hats and buffs to protect you from the sun.

From cold water to warm water, beginner to guide, we have the right gear to keep you comfortable and keep you fishing.