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Fishing License for Freshwater Fishing

Each guest on Pacific Angler guided freshwater trip need to purchase a freshwater (or Non-Tidal) license prior to their trip. Paper licenses are no longer available at Pacific Angler retail or charter locations, but they can be purchased online on the BC Provincial Government page, here:

Non-tidal licences are available as one, eight day or annual licenses and prices vary depending on age group and residency.

Freshwater License Information

On this page, you can register to obtain an Angler Number and purchase basic Non-Tidal Angling License, Classified Waters Licenses, White Sturgeon Conservation Licenses and Conservation Surcharge Stamps. Freshwater licenses are available in one day, eight day and annual increments, with prices varying depending on age and residency. All annual licenses are valid for the current license year—April 1 to March 31—starting on the date of purchase.

For juveniles (individuals under the age of 16) who are residents of B.C., a license is not required. For juveniles who are non-residents, a license is not required, but the individual needs to be accompanied by a license holder.

Conservation Surcharge Stamps apply when you are fishing for steelheads and salmon.

Your basic license can be validated with up to five annual Conservation Surcharge Stamps, plus a White Sturgeon Conservation License. Remember to transfer all of your retention records to your basic license if you reprint your license with Conservation Surcharge Stamps.

Make sure to print off, sign, and carry your license with you on your trip. A copy of your license on your phone isn’t sufficient; a license is required to be carried and produced for inspection by a Conservation Officer, Fishery Officer, RCMP constable, Park Ranger in a park, or an Officer under the Wildlife Act.

If your license is updated, printed, signed and on you – you’re ready to fish!

It's Your Trip...

Have questions? Don’t hesitate to call our retail location for more information. Or, for more details on types of licenses and regulations, visit the Government of BC’s website’s frequently asked questions section.

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