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Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: October 15, 2021


OUTLOOK  If you haven’t looked out the window today there is a big weather system coming today and Saturday with 25 mm+ forecast up the valley and 50mm + forecast up Sea to Sky way and, unfortunately, we are expecting blowouts on our major river systems.   Fishing has been good for chinook and coho prior to this weather and we have details on the Harrison, Chilliwack, Capilano, and Squamish in this week’s report.  We have details below but, overall, our advice is to watch river levels closely, as when they settle, fishing should be excellent.    We also have been watching chum numbers on the Albion Test Fishery closely.  Numbers are not looking good.  Though chum are open on the Harrison and Stave systems, as of the writing of this report, a fisheries notice was released late this afternoon noting you may not retain chum salmon in Fraser River Tributaries as of October 16 at 0:00….

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: October 8, 2021


OUTLOOK  River salmon fishing is in full swing.  After last week’s rain and the rivers settled, we had good reports from all major systems.  We have details below in our freshwater fishing reports section but, in a nut shell, it’s go time.  If you’re heading out of town this weekend for Thanksgiving, we have heard some good reports from the lakes in the interior.  Sterling is heading up for a trip this weekend and has a write up on what he plans to fish with some pics of the flies he has been tying for the trip.  Definitely worth checking out if you are getting out for some lake fishing in the next few weeks.    For our saltwater anglers, Jason is back with a saltwater report this week.   He’s got updates on the Cap fishery as it winds down for the season and some thoughts on the upcoming winter chinook…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: October 1, 2021


OUTLOOK  October is here!  We have been hearing great reports but, the weather has been interesting over the last two days.  All that rain yesterday hit our rivers and they have spiked.  We are writing the report late Thursday so keep an eye on things because we are hopeful that things drop fast and there will be some great fishing into the back end of the weekend.   In this week’s report we have details on the Chilliwack, Squamish, Capilano, and Harrison. Sterling has an interior lake update and last, but certainly not least, we have another fly box give away!  Andre is giving away a fly box with the patterns he has tied on his YouTube channel over the last few months.  Check out the video vision of the report for details on how to enter. Matt also goes over river levels in detail and shares a great saltwater video that…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: September 24, 2021


OUTLOOK  River salmon season is in full swing.  We have been hearing good reports from the Vedder and Capilano this week.  We have also seen some interesting numbers in the Albion test fishery on the Fraser.  Chum numbers in the test sets are picking up so we should see those fish show up in the Harrison, Stave, Vedder and other Fraser tributaries over the next 10 days.  See the freshwater fishing reports section below for our reports on the Harrison, Capilano and Chilliwack/Vedder.  For those fishing the Stave, a heads up for you re: parking.  The word is that By-law officers will be ticketing anyone parking on the side of the road if their tires are on the pavement.  This means you will need to find a spot where you can get off the road onto the gravel.  They are ticketing…

Pacific Anger Friday Fishing Report: September 17


OUTLOOK  Fall is coming.  There is a bite in the air and we have the first big storm of the season forecast for today.  With it, we expect fall salmon fishing in our rivers to really ramp up.  Harrison, Capilano, Chilliwack, and systems up the Sea to Sky highway will be worth looking at after things settle with the rain.  It will only be a matter of when and if the rain blows out the systems for the weekend.    The Fraser is also one to look at for the weekend.  In areas it will close over the next few days but the reports continue to be good.  Taylor has details on the closures in his report this week.    The rain is also going to change the saltwater fishing and beach fishing but, we have had good reports this week.  JT will…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: September 10, 2021


OUTLOOK  The first week of September is in the books and everyone is settling into Fall routines.  We’re looking forward to getting back into the classroom this Fall with our upcoming courses here at the shop.       On the fishing front, there were some openings in the last week for pink salmon so be sure to check out those updates in the “Regulation Update” section below.  For those of you out in the valley, things are slowly starting to pick up on the Chilliwack/Vedder.   If you’re heading a bit further afield, Matt has a quick update on what to expect on the Skagit this weekend and Sterling has a report on the Interior Lakes.    On the saltwater, Jason will be back next week with a detailed report but our boats have been out on the water and we are still…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: September 3, 2021


OUTLOOK  Welcome to September!   Summer just flew by – who can believe that school is just round the corner.  We’ll start this week with our saltwater anglers – chinook fishing did open on the first of the month even if there was a little confusion without an official announcement but it is open and Jason has details on what we saw over the last couple days.   On the river front, we have info on the Squamish where there are still lots of fish but the water has gotten dirty again.  We also have a Capilano update where the river fishing is poor and the beach fishing is good but we are looking out for the first big rains of the fall to flip this around.   There’s a Skagit report and a Vedder report and if you are getting ready for the fall salmon season, Matt has a detailed piece on understanding the confusing world…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: August 27, 2021


OUTLOOK  It’s almost September – where has the summer gone?  September is one of the best months to be an angler in the Lower Mainland.  There are tons of options to get out on the water and the reports this week have been good.   In this week’s report, we have an overview of some of the major fisheries so you can start planning your fall adventures.   This week, we look at the Vedder and Harrison and we also tune in with Sterling and Matt for an interior lake overview as well as a fall trout fishing, report as both of these fisheries are great in the fall.   Jordan has a feature on our new jigs we just got in stock!  For those of you eagerly waiting for the anticipated openings on the saltwater planned for September 1, Jason has a…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: August 20, 2021


OUTLOOK  We were happy to see temperatures hovering within seasonal averages and the water temperatures on many of our local rivers are holding at reasonably safe levels this past week.  The weather this week looks like more of the same.  This weekend we will have a mix of cloud, a little rain, and some sun. Temperatures increase early next week but at least for now there are no more major heatwaves forecasted in the next 14 days.   We have seen some wind issues for those on the saltwater this week and it looks like it will be the case for the weekend as of writing of this report.  That said, we are still seeing lots of pinks off Bowen and consistent coho off North Van so there is definitely some fish if the winds keep us on this side of the strait.  Jason has more details in our saltwater report   On the river front, we have updates on the Squamish, where the water continues to be…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: August 13, 2021


OUTLOOK  Another heat wave has been sweeping the province and with it a mix of fishing conditions.  We saw some ok pink fishing up Sea to Sky earlier in the week but, unfortunately, on Wednesday the heat pushed things back into a completely dirty state.  That said, there are fish in the system and Alex has an update in his report.  Sterling tunes in this week with a little Interior Lakes update.  It is too hot for good fishing, but September is just around the corner and when things cool down, we should have an excellent Fall Interior Lake season.   The Chilliwack/Vedder has slowed considerably this week and we are now waiting for the first pushes of pinks and then the following fall coho, chum and chinook.  Be sure to have a read of Gavin’s report on this fishery below.  Last, but not least, on the freshwater front we have a Skagit update.  Matt is up on…

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