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Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: July 30, 2021


OUTLOOK  We are almost in August and we are going to see some more warm weather this long weekend. The weather may affect a few of our fisheries but, overall, there are lots of fishing options right now.  This week, we have reports on the Capilano where the river is low but beach fishing has been solid.  We also have info on the Chilliwack and the Skagit where reports continue to be good as well as the Squamish.    Jordan tunes in with a pink salmon update as well.   On the saltwater, we are hearing more positive reports from the fleet, beach anglers and up Squamish way.   We’ll be back next week with a full saltwater report.    We also have a very cool carp article about how to hijack a Lake County vacation with basic spinning rods all the way up to the ultimate challenge of catching a…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: July 23, 2021


OUTLOOK  Another weekend of clear weather is incoming.  Temperatures in Vancouver will dip a little on Saturday but on the 14-day forecast we expect average or slightly above seasonal temperatures.  Overall, this will be good for fishing, but we would like to see some overcast days and a little rain to bring up the low river levels and to help with the fire situation.   The pinks have arrived in some places in limited numbers, and we expect things to ramp up over this week.  Jordan has details in the beach report this week.  The Chilliwack/Vedder has been a pleasant surprise this season and we are seeing strong numbers of early chinook in the system.  Taylor was out this last week and has details from his days out on the water.     We are back with a saltwater report and Sterling has a lake fishing update.  Finally, we have a Skagit and Thompson trout fishing update at the end of the Freshwater section.   CLASSES AND COURSES  Introduction to Fly Fishing This course…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: July 16, 2021


OUTLOOK  Happy Friday!  We are looking forward to another great weekend on the water.  We have a good week for weather and things are cooling but there is still no rain in sight.  Our best wishes go out to those in the Interior facing fire issues.   For those that are looking forward to pink fishing as we write this report “no”, the pinks have not shown up yet 😊 but now is the time to start looking off local beaches and it could be any day.   The big news this week is we do have a limited chinook opening for specific areas in the Georgia Strait.  This came into effect yesterday and though many in the sport fishing community were hoping for some opportunities closer to home.   The openings across the strait are better than none!    As with all…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: July 9, 2021


OUTLOOK  It looks like more sunny weather is incoming.  Temperatures will not be as hot as two weeks ago but, it will be bumping a little above seasonal averages.  Obviously, we would love to see some moisture and cool weather for both the fire situation and for lake fishing but, the heat has beaten down the water levels on our rivers and the Chilliwack and the Skagit are coming into shape ahead of schedule.    Alex has some information on the Chilliwack and Vedder and Matt tunes in with a report on the Skagit.   The big news in the saltwater world is there has been an announcement on chinook fishing regulations and there are some opportunities for retention coming.  Jason has an overview of what has been announced in the saltwater section.   Sterling also tunes in the week with a lake update but it has…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: July 2, 2021

OUTLOOK  Welcome to July.  Wow, it was hot last week, we hope everyone found a way to stay cool. Prayers and best wishes go out to the residents of Lytton.    Besides causing major problems across the province, the heat has also shifted fisheries.  River levels rose in many areas.  We didn’t see major rises on too many of the Lower Mainland rivers, but we also didn’t see the drop we were hoping for.  Matt has a water levels update in the video version of today’s report so you can tune into that for more information.    Saltwater fishing continues to be good with a few more coho reports this week as well.  Jason has details below.    Lake fishing obviously suffered through the heat but anglers who know how to change tactics still found fish.  Sterling has an update on the…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: June 25, 2021


OUTLOOK  Heat wave incoming!  It looks like another amazing week of weather, but the heat has some caveats when it comes to fishing.  Local lake trout fishing will slow with this heat.  We have some details as to how to deal with this in that section below.   Interior lakes will still fish well at higher elevation, but fish will be going deep.  Early season shallow tactics will not work.  It is time to break out the sinking lines for chironomid fishing, deep cast and retrieve and trolling techniques.  Sterling has details in the interior lake section and be sure to have a read of a report from Mike after his trip up to the interior as well.    Alex has tuned in with an outlook on the upcoming opening for the Vedder/Chilliwack River so if you’re getting ready for that…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: June 18, 2021

OUTLOOK Freedom! Freedom at last! We are all very excited about the announcement on the 15th  which lifted the restrictions on regional travel.  It is great to see the numbers headed in the right direction.  We are also super excited about the 14-day weather forecast. Summer is coming right on time! We should see an epic warm weekend and it will carry right into next week.   This is all good news for getting out fishing. For our saltwater readers Jason is back this week with a report.  To date local coho fishing has been slow but now is the time we usually see it pick up, so check out Jason’s report Sterling has an interior lake report.  The heat is maybe not a good thing…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: June 11, 2021


OUTLOOK  June is moving fast and everyone has fingers crossed for the travel restrictions to be lifted on the 15th.  With this in mind, Sterling has an interior lake update where fishing has been good but is shifting.  He will go through the bugs and strategies below.  Local lakes are still worth looking at this weekend too.  A handful were stocked at the end of last month and we have included the latest stocking report in the lake section below as well as some rigging updates for fishing when things warm up.   The Capilano is another one to look at this time of year.  Fishing continues to be challenging but we are hearing of more fish both in the river and along the north shore beaches.  Taylor has details in the freshwater report section.  Matt is off this week when…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: June 4, 2021


OUTLOOK  What a week of weather!  This little hot spell on the coast was well received, but it has tweaked a few fisheries.  Unfortunately, it looks as though it will be back to the mid-teens for the weekend, but that is not exactly a bad thing for fishing.   We have heard reports from the interior that the lower elevation lakes in the 1800-2200ft range got very hot over the last 3 days and the fishing that had been red hot for the last 3 weeks has slowed.  We have details on this and tips on how to deal with it in the interior lake report.  Time to look at the higher elevation lakes!  With warm weather in mind, Alex has a piece on top water bass fishing.  We’ve heard good reports over the last week with the warmer weather.  He has some tips…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: May 28, 2021


OUTLOOK  May is moving along quickly and we are almost into June.  We are all looking forward to the middle of next month when travel restrictions are hopefully lifted.  We wish the province had declared fishing “essential” and allowed travel but, if everything goes as planned, we are all eagerly awaiting the middle of next month when things are expected to open up. With this in mind, we have a light report for you this week.  Matt will tune in next week with a video version of the report and Jason will be back with an update on the saltwater front. In the report, this week, we have a piece on saltwater pier fishing locally in Vancouver, aka “shark fishing”!  This is a fun and…

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