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Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: Friday September 22, 2023


OUTLOOK We are getting to the back end of September and with it we are seeing many of our classic salmon river fisheries ramp up. Pink Fishing on the Fraser is now closed but there are still some opportunities to target fresh pinks on the Squamish and Chilliwack. Just note that there are now many older stale fish in both systems. They are not great table fair if you are fishing the Chilliwack (where you can still retain pinks) and if you see pinks actively spawning in the shallows, we would ask that you leave them alone in both systems. On the coho and chinook front we are already starting to hear some positive reports as well.    As of writing of the report there is…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: September 15, 2023

OUTLOOK The first day of Fall is just around the corner! It Is one of the best times of year to be an angler in BC and the reports that we have been getting all week confirm this.   To celebrate the end of summer and the upcoming fall we are having our Fall Fishing Sale this weekend. It is designed to let anglers restock after the summer and get ready for the next two months of fall fishing. Everything is on sale! Keep an eye on your inbox for the Full Sale List to be released later today. We’ve been busy this week getting prepped for the sale but don’t worry we have a great report.  This week we look at the river fisheries that…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: September 8, 2023


OUTLOOK September is in full swing and there are so many great fisheries to get out and enjoy! The saltwater fishing is still going strong and Jason tunes in this week with an update from this week and what to expect as we head into September.  We can’t tell you what spot will fish best tomorrow but we can relate some of the trends we have seen over the last 10 days (they have been interesting). Check it out in the saltwater section at the end of the report. We also have a Chilliwack update and even though the water is low it is worth a trip. It is open for pinks and there are quite a few in the river. We have also heard…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: September 1, 2023


OUTLOOK  GOOD NEWS and more GOOD NEWS! It is opening day for chinook salmon retention in many of the local saltwater areas. We have been eagerly awaiting this opening.  If you’re heading out, pay attention to the marine forecast as there are some strong winds forecasted but, get the teaser heads out, it’s GO Time! Check out Jason’s report for some of his tips for opening weekend!   The other good news is the Fraser River (both the freshwater and saltwater portions) and her tributaries are open for pink salmon!   We had almost given up hope. If you missed the debacle last week, DFO told the Sports Fishing Advisory Board that they were upgrading the run size to 17 million and would be opening it last weekend….

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: August 25, 2023


OUTLOOK  If you haven’t heard by now the in season tests for pink salmon are coming in much higher than predicted. Given that and meetings we have been in with DFO this week we were anticipating an announcement relating to the opening of the tidal portion of the Fraser River for pink retention today.  But unfortunately due to delays at DFO the official fisheries notice wasn’t released.     We are still hopeful this announcement will come and when it does we will let you know here with a special report  where we will have details on how to fish this fishery. For those of you looking to fish for pinks from the beach we are  finally hearing good beach and inshore pink reports from up Howe Sound. We have details…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: August 18, 2023


OUTLOOK  We have another warm weekend incoming and though we are still seeing some water level and clarity issues on the river fishing front we have had good reports come in all week.   Saltwater fishing continues to be great even though the warm weather has brought with it the NW winds.  Chinook, pinks and coho are all coming down the strait into the harbour in good numbers. Jason has all the details in his saltwater report.  The beach fishing has been interesting this season. In some areas we are hearing amazing reports but in others, things have been spotty, and fish seem to not have shown up. Eric has more on this in the beach update below but with lots of fish still coming it…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: August 11, 2023


OUTLOOK  We are almost in the middle of August, and we hope everyone is getting time to get out on the water. There are lots of fisheries doing well right now and worth looking at.   The big one that everyone is talking about is the pink salmon fishery. Reports continue to be spotty, but we can safely say that the fish have arrived. We have updates on beach fishing where reports have been mixed but we are still hopeful that with the numbers we are seeing off Bowen this will pick up soon.   We have updates on the Squamish where numbers are increasing but water clarity is an issue. We also have saltwater updates where there are tons of fish and it is well worth…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: August 4, 2023


OUTLOOK   Long Weekend Incoming! We hope everyone can get out for some time on the water. A few fisheries are slowing down, and we are still waiting for major pushes of pinks to the beaches and rivers, but we have heard some spotty reports of fish in the Squamish and off the beaches; they are now also showing up on our saltwater charters consistently.   We said it last week and we will say it again – It could be any day that we see them consistently on the beaches and up Squamish so it’s worth getting out.  Jordan and Eric have details on the river and beaches.   If you are thinking about hitting the ocean in a boat the fishing continues to be excellent.  There…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: July 28, 2023


OUTLOOK  Well, August is almost upon us – this summer is flying by!    We have had another great week on the water.  Saltwater fishing continues to be excellent with local coho fishing still being caught off of the South Bowen Area.   When the wind allows, we have been heading across the strait for chinook retention opportunities on our longer trips and fishing has been fantastic.   Speaking of chinook, August will see some local retention opportunities starting August 1st along the West Van shoreline and later in August near the Cap.   Jason has more details in this week’s report.  On the Chilliwack, a closure has been announced for the waters 200 meters above Vedder Crossing bridge down to the cable car crossing approximately 200 meters below the…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: July 21, 2023


OUTLOOK Before we get into this week’s report, if you are reading this on Friday, we trust that you saw the fisheries notice yesterday requesting no fishing on the Capilano River today (Friday) as they opened the dam to try to get some water for the fishing in the system. It is worth noting that we do our best to release important notices such as that in a timely fashion on our social media feeds.  So, if you missed that notice yesterday (we hope you didn’t) follow us on Instagram @pacificangler.   You can always check out all fisheries notices here as well and sign up for email notifications. Speaking of the Cap we do not have a Capilano river report this week and we have…

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