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Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: March 22, 2024



We hope everyone enjoyed last weekend’s epic weather! This weekend looks a little less like patio weather and more like classic early Vancouver spring weather. We will see a mix of light rain and clouds with a little sun poking through. This should make for some great steelhead weather. Last week, we saw good reports across the board on this front. We also saw the chinook fishing pick up again. Last week, we saw things get challenged in the saltwater, but we have had solid trips south end of Bowen and across the strait. This is the last weekend to get out before regulation changes so make the most of it!  

In this week’s report, we have river reports for the Chilliwack and Squamish systems and a fry report. We have not been seeing as many fry as we expected with last week’s heat, but it may just be because things went from relatively cold to hot in a very short time. All our systems have salmon fry in them now so check out the update below for more details.  


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Chilliwack River Fishing Report  
The past week saw some unseasonably pleasant weather and some ridiculously high daytime temps. The excessive heat did trigger snowmelt, and the river bumped up and dirty up a reasonable amount. Thankfully, the river didn’t completely blow out, but visibility was getting a bit sketchy in some areas by Sunday. There are a ton of fish in the system, though the warm spell did make the fishing a bit hit-or-miss; some days were incredibly good, some days weren’t.  

The dirtier water meant that larger presentations were a good thing to have. Bait, gooey bobs, rubber worms, large beads and jigs all produced fish, as one would expect. The forecast is calling for rain over the next week, though the amount of precipitation that falls will dictate whether the river will remain fishable. As always, you’ll want to take a good look at the forecast and river levels before you head out. Bring an assortment of gear to make sure you’re ready for whatever conditions you face and be aware that I’ve heard that the clay banks have been unstable, resulting in increased turbidity at random times.  

Salmon fry are out and about in reasonable numbers, so be careful while wading to avoid squashing them. Also, keep in mind that the upper river from the Tamihi bridge to the boundary, will be closing to all fishing at the end of the month, so if you want to fish up there… now is the time.  

Taylor Nakatani 

Squamish River Fishing Report  
We had some mixed reports over the weekend. The river rose for the first time this season due to snow melt. It hit some great levels for migratory fish, but the resident bull trout reports we heard were not as good as we would have liked to have heard. This is all very subjective but the observations from the high sections of both Cheakamus and the Squamish were that the fry were not out in force yet.  


This could change any day so make sure to have fry patterns, spoons and Colorado blades in the kit. It is also well worth fishing some of the large presentations right now as we move into the true spring season. We have trips out all weekend. We have high hopes and will have more details next week. 

If you are looking to get out on the water, be it on a drift or walk and wade guided trip, give the charter line a call at 778-788-8582. Now is time to book!  

Matt Sharp 

Fry Day Update – Salmon Fry Report 

This past week has seen an increase in fry reports, but not as much as we expected. 

We had a couple of reports from the Harrison of anglers finding cutthroat, but they found their success with more general small streamer patterns like cutthroat buggers and slump busters. This is common when there are a few fry out but not many. You will usually see a couple days of very good fishing when the first big pushes of fry hit a given system then the fishing continues to be good, but the fish get more and more selective. This is when you want to match size a color but in the early part of the cycle general attractor streamers are sometime more effective than the realistic fry patterns.    


Rember this is not just a river game. It is also an estuary fishery. Anywhere a salon stream dumps into the ocean is worth a look.  

Right now, have some more general attractor patterns in the kit. Start your day with them when searching but make sure to have some sparsely dressed muddler minnows or Andre’s epoxy minnows in the kit. They are great when more fry are about and fish get pickier.  If you are a gear angler small Dick Knights, Mini Gs or Crocs are great imitations to throw.  

Once we see a good spell of hot weather that stretches for more than a few days, we should start to see the fry become more abundant, and then hopefully turn into a food source. 
Remember that your leaders and tippet, along with your mainline if fishing gear, will want to be light. This will help increase distance and sensitivity. 


Jordan Simpson