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Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: April 15, 2022

River_fishing_Squamish_high water_Bulltrout_April'22

OUTLOOK  With sun, cloud and a little rain over the next couple days and into next week, we are hopeful for some good fishing.  That said, things continue to be cold and with the unseasonably cold weather the rivers are low again and it is affecting the salmon fry migration. Last weekend, we saw some higher water levels but everything dropped fast because of the cold weather.   We need some warmer weather for all of our fisheries to turn on. This week, we have details on the Squamish, Chilliwack, Harrison and Stave rivers. We have had some more positive cutthroat reports from the valley and it’s well worth a trip but the 14-day trend is not good when it comes to temperatures. This will extend…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: April 8, 2022


OUTLOOK  Spring is here but she seems to be dragging her feet a little in the Lower Mainland with cool night time temperatures over the last week. We have had some rain over the last day or two but not as much as was forecast.  The rivers are still fishing well but we would like more water and a little bit warmer night time temperatures to get the salmon fry really moving.   We have reports on the Squamish, Chilliwack as well as the Stave and Harrison.   Though it has been a little cooler than we would like, we did get some wind in the interior over the last week and it has accelerated the ice off on many lower elevation lakes. Sterling has an update…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: April 1, 2022

OUTLOOK  A spring storm is incoming! Overall, this is a good thing but you will want to watch your river levels and marine forecasts if you are heading out over the next 5 days. Sunday looks like it will be a wet one. All systems could use some water so it should be a good weekend to get out.   The other big fishing news is the saltwater regulation changes that come into effect today, April 1. Jason is tuning in this week with a special update on those regulations and what it means for our season ahead!     On the saltwater regulation front, Bob Zimmer has been hard at work trying to get answers from Ottawa concerning possible acceptance of modest, science-based proposals that will allow…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: March 25, 2022


OUTLOOK  Our Spring Super Sale Starts tomorrow! If you are looking to gear up for the upcoming season there is no better time to save! Below, we have details on the sale and a link to the full sale list.  Be sure to have a read of the list because there are some specific sizes and models of waders, fly rods and gear rods at amazing prices.   In this week’s report, we have info on the Chilliwack, Squamish as well as the Stave and Harrison fisheries. We continue to hear good steelhead reports as well as bulltrout and cutthroat reports across the valley.   We have also seen a number of our local lakes stocked over the last week. These fisheries are great for the family…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: March 18, 2022


OUTLOOK  We saw some rain over the last week. Rivers rose but they didn’t rise hard. In many areas we would have liked to see more water. The good news is more is on the way. With 20-25mm up the Sea to Sky highway and 5-15 out Chilliwack way it looks like a wet but good weekend to get out fishing.   We have info on the Chilliwack and Squamish in the Freshwater section below and reports have been solid. We also have some great features this week on fisheries that are coming up. Gavin has an early season bass fishing piece and Sterling has a great overview of how to fish scuds for early season lake fishing. We are excitedly waiting for lakes to ice…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: March 11, 2022

OUTLOOK  Spring is almost here and we finally have some rain in the forecast! This is going to be a big deal for the river fishing around the Lower Mainland. We expect to see some high-water conditions over the weekend but, almost all our systems could use the water. With the first notable salmon fry sightings over the last 2 weeks, we expect the rain to increase fish activity. The next 10 days will be interesting.   In this week’s report we have details on the Squamish, Chilliwack, Stave and Harrison in the freshwater section below. Cutthroat, bulltrout and steelhead should be on everyone’s list over the next week.   We also heard about some more positive saltwater reports this week. The early winter chinook season was…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: March 4, 2022


OUTLOOK  March is here! Though February’s weather was not overly harsh, we are looking forward to warmer days and more fishing opportunities as March and April are two of the best months for fishing throughout the Lower Mainland. We have a beautiful weekend in store with temps in the double digits and sun in the forecast. We would like to see some more rain for many of our systems but overall, it looks like a good fishing weekend to kick off the new month.    With the first warm spell we expect noticeable salmon fry migrations to start. This means cutthroat fishing on the Harrison, Stave and Fraser back channels will turn on and the bulltrout fishery will heat up on the Squamish.    We will also…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: February 25, 2022


OUTLOOK  We didn’t expect the snow yesterday but, at least for fishing, the wet weather coming this weekend should help our river fisheries. With a substantial amount of rain coming, we anticipate river levels to rise nicely. We need this. Most of our systems are low and a bump in water levels should turn on the fish.  If the numbers from the weather forecast are correct, we expect levels to rise but not blow out.  As always, be sure to check your river levels before you hit the road for your day on the water.  If you layer up with good waterproof gear it should be a good weekend to get out.   Below, we have more details on specific systems so be sure to read our…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: February 18, 2022


OUTLOOK  We want to wish everyone a happy Family Day Long Weekend! We hope you can find some time to take the family out to enjoy mother nature. It looks as though the weather is lining up well, at least for fishing. It may not be as beautiful as last weekend but many of the river systems need water right now. With some rain Friday/Saturday then some sun Sunday/Monday we can expect good fishing conditions.   Positive steelhead reports continue to come in from the valley and we will run through what to expect in the river section of the report. It is also time to start breaking out the spoon rods when steelheading. This is something many hard-core anglers do. Covering a run with a…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: February 11, 2022


OUTLOOK  A beautiful weekend of fishing weather is incoming! We were seeing some crazy warm temperatures for the weekend when looking at the forecast earlier this week but, they have updated the forecast to highs of 9 over Saturday and Sunday. That said it is still great weather for getting out on the water.  We continue to hear good reports from the Chilliwack steelhead fishery. Things have slowed a little from the bump of good reports two weeks ago but it is still well worth getting out. Gavin has details on river levels and conditions below in this week’s Chilliwack/Vedder report.   The Squamish is unfortunately quite low right now and this has made fishing a challenge. Any time things get low and clear fishing is…

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