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Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: September 23, 2022


OUTLOOK  We are now hitting prime time river salmon season on the Chilliwack and a number of the other systems that get salmon are close to kicking off. We are also seeing above seasonal temperatures for September which has made things interesting. We will see some rain in Chilliwack today but, with only 1-3mm in the forecast, we don’t think it will move river levels noticeably. When we look at the 14-day trend, it doesn’t look as though things will cool off soon which may make for unfavourable conditions in the short term.   In this week’s report we will look at the Chilliwack River along with the Harrison and Squamish Rivers. We are still early for these systems but it is time to start scouting.  …

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: September 16, 2022


OUTLOOK  It is a big week! DFO has finally opened sockeye fishing in the ocean! Yesterday was opening day and our guide boats all came back with sockeye.  It’s late in the run so fishing isn’t lights out but we are hopeful that we should have good fishing going forward.   On the sockeye river fishing front, reports were not great when they opened it last week but we are still optimistic that this was because of the large commercial openings. With roughly 900,000 fish still in the ocean we expect better fishing this weekend if you are heading up to Chilliwack and Hope.   With all the confusing regulations, it is more important than ever that we support the folks who are working tirelessly through groups…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: September 9, 2022


OUTLOOK  Well, we thought the game was over in regard to the sockeye fishery but a late push of fish and some confusing DFO management decisions have resulted in an in river sockeye opening.  So, you can fish in the tidal and non-tidal portions of the Fraser but you cannot troll off the mouth.  Before you head out ensure you read both the Tidal Notice  and Non-Tidal Notice  .   Jason has more details and thoughts on those openings and opinions below.  In other salmon river fishing news, we have a good one this week. Gavin goes over his top five float fishing presentations where he breaks out the leader board, walks through the different presentations, why you might use one over the other and more…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: September 2, 2022


OUTLOOK  Chinook fishing is OPEN! Be Sure to have a read of Jason’s saltwater report for the latest on that opening.   If you want to brush up on how we fish the late season fisheries make sure to check out the video version of the report where Matt goes over the map and some good general tips on how to set up your gear.   We are also eagerly awaiting fall river salmon season to kick off on the Chilliwack. We have not heard any early reports but scouting missions are worth it right now. It is also worth watching the video version of the report for this one because Matt looks at the Albion numbers and some access issues on Chilliwack. The Albion numbers are…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report:  August 26, 2022


OUTLOOK September is just around the corner! With it things get interesting. Now is the time to make plans, book off a couple of  weekends and get the gear ready. With this in mind we have a couple reports looking at the next few weeks of fishing options around the Lower Mainland. First off is saltwater chinook fishing. September 1 is opening day for the mouth of the Fraser for chinook.  Be sure to have a read of Jason’s report for more details on this opening, local fishing and a sockeye update. Again, the outlook on sockeye is not good and it is now very unlikely there will be an opening. This week is also an important one for the store because it will mark…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: August 19, 2022


OUTLOOK Another perfect-looking weekend of fishing weather is incoming! When we say perfect weather, you might be looking out the window on Friday scratching your head. If the weather man is on his game, you will see clouds and even a little rain Friday. This is a good thing to keep water cool and fish happy. Rolling into Saturday and pushing right through next week we will see low to mid 20s with a mix of sun and cloud. It also looks as though the wind in the strait will be low so it should be good for crossing. Always check before you head out because this can change fast.  There are lots of good sites to check – we use the government site for…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: August 12, 2022


OUTLOOK  We have another beautiful weekend coming!  Temperatures will be in the mid to low 20s with sun and a mix of cloud.  We are also seeing pretty good long-term wind forecasts out in the straight.  Time to go fishing!   In this week’s report, we have an interesting piece from Sterling on small stream nymphing and when to break out the euro nymphing setup vs the indicators.   For the gear anglers, Gavin is here with an overview of some unique beach fishing lures that you may not have tried.  For years the standard buzz bomb and spinner have been the recommended lures of choice for beach fishing around Vancouver.  They definitely work but, as many of you know, it pays to get creative.  Gavin goes…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: August 5, 2022

OUTLOOK  The rain was a nice break from the heat this week and it was also a good thing for a number of our fisheries. We are back to nice weather this weekend with temps in the high 20s so it should be a good weekend to get out on the water. In this week’s report, we have a couple of interesting updates. The first one is on the product front. We have BNR soft beads in stock! These took the salmon world by storm over the last 3 seasons. Large soft plastics are not a “new” thing when it comes to salmon river fishing but BNR’s peg system allows anglers to “peg” the soft plastic an inch or two above a hook. This makes…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: July 29, 2022

OUTLOOK Happy Long Weekend! We hope everyone is enjoying the sun. It looks as though another weekend hot of weather is incoming. There is good news for those who do not like the heat though. We will see some mixed cooler weather starting Tuesday and for both the folks that don’t like melting and the fishing conditions, cooler weather is a good thing. For all of our saltwater anglers this is a big report!  In both the video and written version of the report we look at recent coho reports, upcoming new chinook retention opportunities and some up-to-date info on the sockeye numbers. Spoiler alert – We still don’t know for sure if there will be a sockeye opening but the numbers are interesting.    In…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: July 22, 2022


OUTLOOK  This weekend is shaping up to be a great weekend to get out on the water!  The weather is looking excellent and it will be good to get out there before the hot weather expected next week sets in.  This week, we have reports from the Capilano, both from the river and from the beach.  Taylor has a report from the Chilliwack/Vedder with a focus on how to catch chinook as we are getting into prime time for that fishery.  For the saltwater anglers, we’ll be back next week with a full report.  Fishing across the strait continues to be good but it may be tricky to get there the latter part of this weekend so be sure to keep an eye on the…

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