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Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: February 12, 2021

River_fishing_Vedder_river_Feb '21

OUTLOOK  Almost every year we see a noticeable cold snap in February across the Lower Mainland.  It is usually caused by Arctic outflows and things get darn “cold”.  All of you easterners can tune in now with your insults about westerners being soft.  This is usually the coldest of our year and it usually represents the low point in the year for fishing.  Rivers drop, water clarity goes gin clear and fish metabolism slows right down.   It looks like we are going to see this cold snap over the next week with snow and cold Arctic outflows forecast for the next 5-10 days.  What does this mean for Fishing?  There are still options but this is a weekend you might consider taking off.  Tie flies, rig gear, and get boats ready for lake season.  If you are hard core, there is still hope when targeting steelhead.  Steelhead tend to be aggressive even in these conditions if you can…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: February 5, 2021


OUTLOOK  Welcome to February!  We are blessed that the Lower Mainland offers 12 months of fishable weather but February is probably one of the more challenging months to get out and hook fish. That said, there are still good options if you like a challenge.   This week we have details on the major river systems and reports continue to be solid when it comes to winter chinook fishing.  A friendly reminder that we are doing our saltwater report every other week so if you’re headed out on saltwater this week, refer to last week’s report and we will tune back in next week to the winter chinook report.   Also, if you are planning to relax off the water this weekend, we have some great fly tutorials worth looking at to get ready for the “Spring Season” coming in March when things warm up and fishing picks up.  Check out Zach’s rendition…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: January 29, 2021


OUTLOOK  This week is a big report!  We are announcing the winner of the Best of 2020 Fishing Picture Contest, we have a cool steelhead fly video from Jordan, Haiden takes an in-depth look at the newest Simms Wader and we also have intel on the Vedder and Squamish, where there is a lot of water coming this weekend but it could equal good fishing.   Last but not least, Jason is tuning back in on saltwater fishing this week and you will see that at the end of the report.   Let’s Jump right into the winner of the Best of 2020 Fishing Picture Contest. If you entered, thank you so much for sending in a pic!  The response was amazing!  Check out the Video version of the report because Matt goes through a bunch of the top photos.  There were hundreds to choose from and a ton of amazing…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: January 22, 2021


OUTLOOK  Cooler weather is incoming but the weekend looks great for outdoor activities.  This week, we have an ice fishing update where Sterling talks a little about brook trout fishing.  We also have an update on the Stave because we have heard a couple positive reports from out that way as well as an update on the Vedder.  Conditions have been up and down over the last week but the reports coming in continue to be solid.   Matt was out on the Squamish targeting the egg eaters this past week.   They hooked some fish but it was a challenge.  This has been the general trend this season.  With weather getting colder and water expected to drop, we released a video this week on our custom Nymphing Leader.  When fishing is challenging and fish are picky this is a game changer for nymphing any fly but especially beneficial when nymphing beads in the cold months of the winter.  Check it out here:      …

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: January 15, 2021

Vedder_River_Chrome_Steelhead_Jan_2nd week_between_the_rains

OUTLOOK  It has been a wet week but there were windows of good fishing.  We have 3 major fisheries to look at this week.  One is doing relatively well; one is pulling through with “average” reports but we expect better things to come, and another is raising some eyebrows with concerning numbers.   The bright spot this week is the valley steelhead reports.  Even though river levels have been a challenge the week and the fishery in general is never a gangbuster affair, the reports when the water levels have been “in” have been good.  We have a great Steelheading Technique review where Alex goes over some of the mindsets needed to be a successful steelheader and Taylor has an update on the fishing.   The fishery that has been trucking along and putting up average reports has been the winter chinook fishing.  It has been nothing to write home about but most experienced anglers are finding fish in local waters plus…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: January 8, 2021


OUTLOOK  2021 is already proving to be interesting.  At least for this weekend, on the weather front, things should improve.  We got smoked all week with heavy rains and the rivers reacted accordingly.   The silver lining is that the rivers are dropping as we write the report and they should fish well over Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  There is more rain next week so keep an eye on river levels.  We have details on the Vedder and Squamish systems below and if everything comes as forecasted it looks like a good weekend to get out there.    We are still running the “Best Of 2020” fishing picture contest so send them in! Email your entries to info@pacificangler.ca by January 27, 2021.  The lucky winner will get a $100 gift certificate to the store and the top photos will be featured in the Friday Fishing Report Video on the 29th of January. Check out the video report from last week for more details as well as…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: January 1, 2021

OUTLOOK Happy New Year Everyone! We hope you all had an awesome holiday.  We are looking forward to a new year and wish every one of you a great 2021 and are really not sorry to say goodbye to 2020.  This week we have details on the major fisheries, with updates on the Chilliwack steelhead fishing, the Squamish egg eater fishery and the Winter chinook fishery. Check out those updates below.   We also have a competition that you all can get in on! Send us your best fishing related pictures of 2020. The best photo, wins a $100 gift certificate to the store and all of the best photos will be featured in the January 29th Friday Fishing report. Check out the Video Version of the…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: December 18, 2020

OUTLOOK  Happy Ugly Sweater Day Everyone! We hope that you are all having a safe December and we figured some ugly Christmas sweaters are always worth a smile. With Christmas edging closer, we have some more great gift ideas. This week Zach was thinking about the fly tiers out there and we have some really cool items that you might not buy for yourself…… So send down a loved one to buy it for you! Check that list out at the end of the report. Some great stocking stuffers have also arrived in the shop.  You can’t go wrong with these awesome bottle openers from our friends at Islander.  We’ve also got a fresh batch of our PA logo stickers.   These waterproof stickers from @Stickermule are…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: December 11, 2020


OUTLOOK  Christmas is just around the corner and although we try to keep the fishing report focused on the fishing, we also know that most of you love to get fishing related Christmas stuff under the tree.  With this in mind, we are announcing extended shopping hours to make it easier to get into the shop and we also have another gift idea list.  This week the wish list is from Aidan and we hope it might give you some inspiration for gift ideas.   Also, as promised, we do have some fishing updates for you!  December is historically a slow time but there are still options to get out for steelhead scout trips and the “egg eater” fisheries. We have updates on the Harrison, Squamish and Vedder with this in mind.   Jason is also back this week with a saltwater report and he has some details on Winter Chinook fishing.   On the video front,…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: December 4, 2020


OUTLOOK  For most, December is not a “fishing month” but there can still be some pretty cool opportunities to get out.  We obviously ask everyone going fishing to respect public health orders but we feel that fishing is still a great social distancing activity and important for mental and physical health.   This week, we have updates on the Chilliwack where though salmon fishing is pretty much over steelhead season is on the horizon and worth a scouting trip.  We also have some intel on North side rivers and sloughs around the Harrison.  The North side systems will still have some late season coho options and the egg eaters will also be fun to target.    With the egg eaters in mind, we also have a report on the Squamish and Stave which will be good options over the next 2 months.   Yesterday, we announced our 2021 course line up.  We offer a wide range of…

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