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Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: July 14, 2023

OUTLOOK  It is almost the middle of July – Wow, time sure is moving fast this summer!  With tomorrow being the 15th of July, we are on the edge of our seats waiting for the regulation announcements regarding southern chinook fisheries this week.  The announcements came through yesterday and the short story is regulations are the same as they were last 3 years. Check out our saltwater report section below for more details and as always be sure to familiarize yourself with any and fisheries regulations.  You can review all saltwater notices here!    This week looks like another nice week of mid 20s weather and across the board we have been hearing good fishing reports   On this line, saltwater fishing continues to be excellent. There…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: July 7, 20223


OUTLOOK  We hope everyone who hit the water on the Canada Day Long Weekend had a great time with friends and family.    The saltwater anglers had some windy conditions to contend with, but the fishing continues to be excellent, and it is still well worth getting out to the Bowen Island area for coho.  We also heard of the first pink being caught in the saltwater.  It is still a way off for river or beach angling, but they are coming.  In this week’s report we have saltwater updates from both the beach and those out trolling.    Matt also has a brief update on some of the trout rivers so be sure to check that out if you are hitting the water this weekend.   The…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: June 30, 2023


OUTLOOK  It’s the Canada Day long weekend and with it we have a big report for you! With July 1st hours away, we have updates on a number of fisheries that open July 1. We also have a detailed pink river fishing article.   No, the pinks have not arrived yet, but they are close, and the Squamish is open for catch and release on the 1st. We figured it’s time for some scouting. In the article, Casey goes over what you need if you were planning on tackling river fishing for pinks this season. We also have a video report this week where Matt talks about some of the historical timing for when the pinks will arrive so you can all start planning.   In a related…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: June 23, 2023

OUTLOOK  Happy Friday!  This week we’ve got some great reports and an update for some upcoming fisheries.     First off, for our saltwater anglers, we are seeing some amazing coho fishing out off Bowen. Jason has a detailed report in the saltwater section but in short, we have been hearing some of the old timer guides comparing it to coho fishing in the 80s! This also plays into our beach reports for Ambleside.  There have been a number of successful reports from the beach and with a couple factors playing into the mix we are predicting an excellent beach season. Last, but not least, we also have some predictions for when we might start seeing pinks show up in our local waters. Check those details out…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: June 16, 2023


OUTLOOK  Happy Father’s Day everyone! Before we get started, we wanted to remind everyone that we still have some awesome Father’s Day Sale deals on at the shop.  The sale runs until close on Sunday so there is lots of time to pop in a grab a little something for the Dad or other Father figures in your life.   Our full sale list is here , if you missed it earlier in the week!  Another little house keeping item you may not know about is that we have a loading zone right outside the shop. This loading zone is free to use for any customer if you are stopping by the shop for a quick visit. You do not have to worry about getting ticked…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: June 9, 2023


OUTLOOK  We have some interesting stuff in this week’s report. First off, we have a Father’s Day Sale starting tomorrow and running all week!  If you’re looking for something for Dad, or something for yourself, this is a great time to drop into the shop and pick up that perfect gift!   Check out the sale section below for more details and the link to the full sale list.     On the fishing front, we have some good news too. In last week’s report, Jason said it was time for coho to start showing up off Bowen. Sure enough, we just started hearing good coho reports late this week. Jason has all the details at the end of the report, but it is time to get out…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: June 2, 2023

   OUTLOOK  June Is here! We had a slow start to spring but, somehow June is already here, and the official start to summer is just around the corner. With summer in mind, we will see many of our fisheries start shifting. Now is also the time when we start looking hard at water levels. It looks as though we have seen the peak of freshet and things should start steadily dropping from here on out. We are going to give it another week before we come out with our water level predictions for July on the Lower Mainland/Interior trout rivers, but Matt is going to share some of the early numbers with you.  In short, things look promising that levels will be better than…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: May 26, 2023


OUTLOOK  We have a mixed bag of weather coming this weekend, but with seasonal temperatures, some sun, and clouds, it should be a good weekend to get out fishing.  This week, we have three interesting articles. The first is an article on how easy it is to get into the lake fishing game, even if you can’t get access to a hard-bottom boat. Float tubes are sometimes forgotten about, but they are so versatile if you are limited on access, storage, or budget.  The second article carries on with Taylor’s big lake fishing article from last week, where he looked at how to target bull trout and rainbows in our larger, less productive lakes. This week, he has tips and techniques for how to target…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: May 19, 2023


OUTLOOK  Happy long weekend everyone! Looks like we’re in for another warm one, which is going to make for a beautiful weekend to be out on the water. While the heat may have some impact on river fishing due to snow melt, there are still plenty of options available. We need to keep an eye on potential wildfire risks and how the heat wave might affect fisheries in the coming weeks. But for now, it’s shaping up to be a great weekend to get out fishing.  In this week’s report, we’ll be focusing on lake fishing for both fly anglers and gear enthusiasts. Taylor has some valuable insights on how to tackle those challenging big lakes that aren’t known for fly fishing success. He’ll share…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: May 12, 2023


OUTLOOK  We have a beautiful weekend incoming! With temperatures well above the seasonal average and sun throughout the entire weekend, it should be a great time to go fishing! We will see the same weather hitting the Interior, with temperatures reaching into the 30s on Sunday and Monday. However, this rise in temperature comes with some concerns due to the dramatic shifts we have witnessed in the seasons over the last few years. We can expect these changes to affect fisheries both positively and negatively. Now, let’s talk about the good news first.  We anticipate excellent lake fishing this weekend across the board, and many of the higher elevation lakes are beginning to ice off. While some lakes are still in the process of turning…

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