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Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: October 30, 2020


OUTLOOK  It has been an interesting week with even more interesting weather.  The weather has gotten seasonably warm and the subsequent rain and snowmelt spiked and dirtied up rivers that are fed from the snow pack.  Rivers that are not melt fed are still good and some are in perfect shape.   We have reports from the Stave, Harrison and Vedder in the freshwater section of the report and we also have info on the Squamish where there has been concern regarding the regulation clarity about whether you are allowed to target chum salmon for catch and release angling.  Regulations have been clarified and chum salmon are closed to fishing on the Squamish while coho is open.  There are no concerns about being able to fish only that you are not allowed to target chum.  We are concerned about the lack of data, consultation and regulation clarity that has gone into making this decision and we will have more information soon.     With coho in mind we have a cool coho fly video from Andre that you can…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: October 23, 2020


OUTLOOK  Big report this week.  We consider this prime time for the Lower Mainland when it comes to salmon fishing.  The Vedder is still going strong, peak chum migration is right now and reports from the Harrison and Stave are coming in consistently.  The weather looks good for the weekend but, most important,  the evening temps are going to get very cold.  In the short term, this is excellent for the Squamish and the Harrison. We have info on all the major systems below so be sure to have a read.   This week we also have an  update on Interior lake fishing.  We missed it last week but we have some excellent info about how fishing can be extremely good when we see the first really cold days of the…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: October 16, 2020


OUTLOOK  We hope that you all had a great Thanksgiving Long Weekend and enjoyed an extra day on the water or around the table with family.  Last week we saw a ton of water but we also saw less water than was forecasted.  Things came into shape on the river fast and we heard good river reports across the board.   There is more rain expected this weekend but, not half as much as we saw last week, and we will see the first cold nights early next week.  We expect things to clear up fast and drop when those low night time temperatures hit.   We will touch on all the river fishing in the Freshwater Fishing Report Section below updates on the Squamish, Stave, Harrison, Capilano and Vedder.  Fishing has been good and we are seeing some of the later runs start to show up…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: October 9,2020

OUTLOOK  A  big storm is coming today and we will see how it effects things.  In the video version of the report filmed earlier this week, Matt went out on a limb and bet against the weather man.  As of filming time, the forecast was for 100mm+ over the long weekend.   As of writing this outlook on Friday morning, the forecast has been downgraded.  It will still be wet for sure but not looking as much as originally predicted earlier this week.   It will be interesting to see who is correct when we get the actual rain level numbers.  Either way, you will want to keep a close eye on water levels if you are a river fisherman and make sure to stay safe.    Weather aside, we are looking forward to getting out on the water this week and for…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: October 2, 2020


OUTLOOK  Sumer 3.0!  Well, we keep getting waves of unseasonably warm weather and with-it smoke from the forest fires down south.  We could do without the poor air quality but the warmth should make for great fishing weather.  This week we look at all the major river systems along with an update from the saltwater front.   We’re taking a break from the video version of the report this week; instead we have a cool video on leaders for coho fly fishing.  Check it out in the feature video section below.  Last but certainly not least our thoughts and prayers are with those who were a part of the tragic accident at the Capilano yesterday.   To all, take care and be safe when you head out on the water this weekend. FRESHWATER FISHING REPORTS  Vedder/Chilliwack River Fishing Report  We finally got the rain…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: September 25, 2020


OUTLOOK  The first storm of the Fall season is rolling through as we write this report.  This is big news and will shuffle things up on many of our fisheries.  As we write this report, most of our rivers are blown out or are heading in that direction but, when things settle, expect excellent fishing.   This week Taylor looks at the Vedder and we have some info on sturgeon fishing from Aidan.  Zach has an overview of the Squamish and while it is not time to head up to the Squamish just yet we can start looking at it soon.  Jason is up north river fishing so this week Jordan has the saltwater report for you.  With some of this rain fish will head up the rivers but it will also bring in some fresh fish and we had a productive day on the water yesterday.     If you’re thinking lake fishing, things in the interior are picking up.  Haiden has a report…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: September 18, 2020

Stave_short_floating_ for _salmon

OUTLOOK  Last week we were excited about warm weather and a possible summer 2.0.   Unfortunately, we did not tell them that we didn’t want a repeat of summer 2017 where we didn’t see the sun for days on end because of the smoke.   While the smoke is not great for getting outside, we did see some cool outdoor photography this week.   Looking into this weekend, the smoke doesn’t seem to be going away.  We have been hoping for more north west winds to push out the smoke but as we are writing this report it is not coming Friday.   Hopefully, Saturday and Sunday will shift things.  That said, we will see some moisture over the weekend and into next week.  This is what we have been hoping for on a number of our river fronts.   With this in mind, we will touch base on the Vedder river.  There were positive reports this week and, with some rain in…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: September 11, 2020


OUTLOOK  Summer 2.0 continues with the weather looking amazing for this weekend!  Light winds and sun here we come!   In this week’s report we have info. for you from out in the Valley in addition to an update from the local and interior lakes as well as the local saltwater fishing.     Out in the valley, the Vedder is low but we have heard of a few fish.  We’ve got more details in our freshwater fishing section.  We are not going to tune in on the other salmon rivers yet.  It is still too early for the Harrison Stave and Squamish, but we are getting close so stay tuned for that.  We have a local lake update as well as an interior lake update because though we would actually like to see it cooler in the nights, lakes are still a good option to consider this…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: September 4, 2020


OUTLOOK  It’s been a big week, especially if you are a saltwater angler.  With the September 1 regulation change we have been able to fish off the mouth of the Fraser all the way down to the South Arm.  Tides are mellowing and for the most part the weather looks great for the weekend but be sure to keep an eye on that marine forecast as the winds may kick up on Sunday.  Jason has all of the details in this week’s saltwater fishing report.     With that in mind we know many of you will be putting a couple salmon in the freezer.  Why not up your salmon cooking game?  Aidan has out done himself this week with an amazing salmon recipe that is sure to impress the friends and family. (Secret – its not that hard to make).  For…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: August 28, 2020


OUTLOOK  It is almost the end of August and we are starting to see hints of Fall.  The weather should be good this weekend with daytime temps in the 20s and cooler nights.  The spread of colder nights with warm days can be excellent for fishing.  We also are in a time of shift with Fall just around the corner and that means we can start thinking about river salmon fishing in a bigger way.  With that in mind, we have an overview of the Chilliwack/Vedder River salmon fishery.   We also look at the Skagit and Capilano Rivers in this week’s freshwater fishing section.   An important note for the Vedder/Chilliwack as we see sockeye numbers starting to come in. Overall, we do not expect a sockeye opening on any of the Lower Mainland rivers this Fall and the sockeye going to the upper reaches of the Chilliwack system are a stock of major concern. With that in mind we ask…

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