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Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: April 13, 2018


It looks like we are in for another rainy weekend but we are looking forward to a few of the sunny breaks that are forecasted for next week.

With the rain this past week the rivers have coloured and come up a bit but fishing has still been consistent.   The lower Vedder is a good bet if you are heading out to the valley and we’ve had good cutthroat reports from out in the valley as well.   If you are headed the other direction towards Whistler, the Squamish area bulltrout fishing has been consistent as well.  Check out all of the details in this week’s Freshwater Fishing Report Section.

On the saltwater fishing front there is a lot going on from the QA marker, Hump and Bell Buoy. If the marine forecast allows it we would recommend going out to the QA and Hump, as there is decidedly more fish further offshore or if you’re up for it head over to Thrasher Rock as our notes show that it was red hot there this time last year.



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Chilliwack River Fishing Report

At this particular moment of me writing this report the Vedder is in decent shape; up from earlier last week with a little colour, which is a good thing. Will the upcoming wet weather blow out the river? It depends on how much we really get but I suspect it will stay in shape for the next week. Lots of fish are still being caught and while a good portion of fish in the river are thinking about spawning that doesn’t mean you won’t come across chromers. Stay down in the lower river for a better chance at a clean fish and you might be rewarded. With the recent water conditions it isn’t a bad idea to fish with bigger presentations; the moderately coloured water will make them less wary and less easily spooked.

While the fly guys still have some time to think about hitting the Vedder for Steelhead, the river closes to gear fishers on May 1st so these next couple weeks mark the end of the season. If you’ve been thinking about trying your luck this is the time to do it, so get out there!

Alex Au-Yeung


Capilano River Fishing Report

Capilano River remains  blown with the heavy rain and constant release of water from the dam. Being a dam-controlled river, Capilano can come back in to shape within a day or two if they stop releasing the water from the dam.

With the high water, tossing spoons and spinners is your best bet. Use a bigger size spoon/spinner to get it down before the current pushes it away.

Remember a high and fast river can be extremely dangerous. Do not attempt to cross the river.

If you do catch steelhead please release it with care as the system is very fragile.

Stay safe out there,

Dustin Oh


Squamish River Fishing Report

This past week saw the Squamish rise a bit and colour up, with its tributaries holding shape. Bulltrout fishing has started to pick up with most of the fish being taken on sculpin patterns or spoons.


Guests Joel and Ryan had some luck bulltrout fishing this week.

There have been reports of a few fry out and about, but we haven’t heard of any solid reports of it “being on”. When or if it does turn on, small fry patterns should be the go-to for fly anglers. For those on spinning or gear rods, small spoons such as Hildebrandts, Dick-Nites, Mini G’s, and small Crocs should be the ticket.

Remember to respect other anglers and to always try to leave the river cleaner than when you arrived.

Jordan Simpson


Fraser Valley Cutthroat Report

I was out last weekend and on the Sunday of the cutthroat course I finally saw the first sightings of cutthroat on the surface. It was pretty exciting for everyone to see this even though they were not lucky enough to catch any. The fish were both on the French Creek side and  the golf course side of the river.

The water level is going up a little bit due to the temperatures warming up slightly mixed with the rain, but it is no where near being blown out. There are a lot of fry hanging out by the shore so I would say now that I have seen a few cutthroat it is game on. Hopefully the rain will stop and the river will stay low for a longer time so we get to fish for them before the season ends. I also heard reports and saw pictures of cutthroat caught on the Nicomen slough from last Sunday. The river will be fishable until it reaches 9.3 meters for those who are on foot and then anything above this level will have to be accessed by a boat.

Andre Stepanian




Local Lake Fishing Report

Some of the lakes were stocked again the past week. Although It has been quite windy and rainy, it is getting slightly warmer. Fish are now a bit more active and we have heard a number of good reports. It is not to the point that they are on fire yet, however they are more fish being caught consistently. The boys have been out and getting a few.


Lures, flies, and bait-fishing are all great options, try everything to see what they are keying on the day. If you need a hand getting set up drop by the shop and we can help out.

Have fun out there,

Dustin Oh



Vancouver Saltwater Salmon Fishing Report

It has been a great week of fishing, but we can’t say the same about the weather. This past week we saw our fair share of SE winds and rain. Looking to the weekend and next week it looks like we will see a break in the rain and even some NW winds and a few days of light variable winds early in the week.

Gulf Island’s Grady Rainbow.

On the fishing front, there is a lot going on. The best action locally has been around the QA Marker and out on the Hump. When the winds were strong and we couldn’t fish there effectively we retreated to the Bell Buoy and caught some nice fish there as well. If the sea conditions allow it though, we definitely recommend going out to the QA and Hump, as there is decidedly more fish further offshore.


Captain Eddie’s guest with a nice one from a local trip this week.

Best depths have been 70-145 on the riggers. Top producing gear has been flasher and spoon setups. BC, STS, Madi, Green Onion Glow, Salty Dawg, and the new Phantom Flashers in a chartreuse blade have all been producing well. For spoons 3.5 to 4.0 spoons in Irish Cream, Outfitter, Homeland, Kitchen Sink, and Herring Aide have been productive. There have been some fish caught on bait and hootchies too, but spoons have been the way to go for us. There are a lot of small fish, so you will be pretty active on the gear and spoons are a great choice to get the small fish off the line and get the gear back in the water as soon as possible.

Guide + bookings Manager Lars guests enjoyed double headers and a good number of chinook on their trip this week.

Just to keep it interesting, there are some fish in Howe Sound as well. We have heard of a few fish at Hole in the Wall and other spots further up the Sound.

You may remember that this time last year, almost to the day, the fishing at Thrasher was absolutely red hot, some of the best we have seen in years. Well there are some fish over there already, it is not as red hot as last years start. The pressure so far has been light to non-existent, so if the winds are light you might want to head over and look for some fish. I think they are there, just nobody seems to be heading over or they haven’t had the winds to allow it. There haven’t been too many people off the QA or the Hump either, as usual, most people don’t seem to have their boats ready for this chinook fishing that always gets going around the second week of April. This will all change as we get into May and the weather warms up and the reports have been good for 3 weeks. So if you can go now I would recommend it, as there are lots of fish around and virtually no pressure.

Crabbing has been steady, worth dropping traps but not red hot by our standards. Prawning has been good though, so if you are into prawns it is definitely worth setting out the gear.

See you in the shop or on the water,

Jason Tonelli