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Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: July 14, 2017


Well we are looking at another epic weekend of weather and it will carry right through to next week. This is great for us here in Vancouver, we’re thinking about our friends in the interior who are dealing with wildfires. For those of you heading out be sure to educate yourself on park and back country closures. For a full listing of affected parks be sure to check out the Province of BC’s website.

On the fishing front we are hearing ok reports off the Skagit.  It is still high and we have not heard of good dry fly fishing yet but nymphing is working and it is definitely worth getting out. Matt is on the water for the next couple days so we will have a very detailed report next week. If you are interested in this fishery look back at last week’s report for details and an overview, then stay tuned for Matt’s report next week.

The Vedder is also open and we have heard of a few fish being caught. Alex has a great overview of the fishery and what to expect over the next few weeks.

The Capilano is getting low with the lack of rain. This is good for the fly fisherman on the river and for the beach guys. Though things have not been hot we are consistently hearing of reports of coho on the beach and it should increase over the next week.  The first pinks have been caught off South Bowen and Point Atkinson. We have not heard of anyone catching them from the beach but they are very close. By the time you read this report it might have already happened.  Check out Andre’s report for more details.

On the trolling scene, like we said above, the first pinks have been getting hooked around Bowen. Their numbers should only increase over the next week. On the chinook front, South Bowen is still producing a good number of fish and we are seeing the odd coho at Bowen and along the north shore so it is worth getting out.

If you are thinking about heading up north we have another episode of “Where in the World Is Jordan”. Last week he was up at Langara Lodge for a short weekend of guiding. If you’ve got a trip planned to the area don’t miss his report.

Last but not least with ICAST 2017 (the worlds largest sportsfishing tradeshow) running all week we are hearing about some very cool new products that will be coming online but it also means that great products from last season are now discontinued. This means BIG DISCOUNTS for you!  This week’s Friday Feature Product has all of the details on the Sage rods that are changing. They are all at 30% off and it is a great time to look at a new fly rod!!



Vancouver Chinook Classic Catch and Release Derby
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The Vancouver Chinook Classic is a premier 2-day Catch and Release Salmon Fishing Event hosted annually at the new Pier 73 Marina at the Pacific Gateway Hotel. This is one of our FAVOURITE events of the summer angling season and something we look forward to each year.

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More details on this not to be missed tournament weekend here!



Most of our July courses are sold out but there is still room in the last offering this year for the Andre’s Fly Fishing on Beaches course.   Call the shop to sign up today!

Fly Fishing On Beaches                                             
This single evening 3hr seminar will cover the basic principles needed to be an effective beach fly fishermen in BC from Howe Sound to the east coast of Vancouver Island.   Topics covered will include rods, reels, fly lines, flies, tides, and techniques. Andre Stepanian, the instructor for this course, has been chasing salmon on our local beaches for over two decades.

Cost: $45.00
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We have very limited supply of all of these rods and when they are gone we cannot get more. If you see a rod on this list and can’t make it down call and if you pay for it with a Credit card we will hold it for you but as it stands it is first come first serve at the store.



Where in the world is Jordan Simpson Part IV
As some of you may have noticed, I was away from the shop the past few days. If you were wondering where I was, I was on my way to Langara Fishing Lodge!

Tucked away comfortably inside Henslung Cove on Langara Island, Haida Gwaii, Langara Fishing Lodge is the premier fishing lodge for those who like to fish weighted rods while mooching for salmon.

After checking in for my flight at 6:30am on Saturday morning, we bordered our chartered flight from YVR South to Massett. Once there, we boarded our Helijet transfers and took a very scenic15-20 minute flight to the lodge.

Landing at the lodge, I quickly got in to my boat and got it set up and ready for the first afternoon while my guests settled in to their rooms and had lunch. After they had finished up getting ready and grabbing snacks, we headed out for the first afternoon.

The fishing was pretty steady with a fair number of chinook to be found around the island, along with plenty of coho. After a long day of travel and some time spent on the water, my guests (and myself!) were ready to call it a day.

The next couple days saw me getting up at 3:30am so I could get myself ready, have breakfast, and warm up the boat in time to meet my guests at 5am. Pushing off at first-light is my favourite as I find the other lodges in the surrounding area haven’t woken up yet and we can have the first pass at any kelp beds or structure.

With another group of chinook moving in, most of us all had multiple shots at decent sized fish, as well as with enough coho that at certain times we couldn’t put four rods down.

The halibut fishing proved steady as well for some very nice sized chickens up into the mid-teens, and the amazing wildlife never ceased to amazing my guests, or even myself after all these years I’ve spent up there. The Humpbacks were everywhere, the porpoises put on an amazing show for us, and even the orcas stopped by for a few moments (to probably eat all the salmon!).

With amazing food, great guest services, and easy bookings, I’m sure I’ll be seeing these guests again in the near future.

If you have any questions on the gear I use up there while guiding- whether it be hooks, jigs, lines, or reels, come on in to the shop and say ‘Hi’. I’ll be more than happy to help get you set up for your first Haida Gwaii adventure, or if you want to get in to mooching, I can help you out with that as well.

Tight lines!




Chilliwack River Summer Overview
Here we are in July and we’re finally getting our hot and sunny weather! July also marks the beginning of the salmon season on one of the Lower Mainland’s most productive and popular fisheries, the Chilliwack (or Vedder) River. From the opening on July 1st straight through to the end of November, the five pacific salmon will migrate up this river to spawn, offering countless fishing opportunities.

Throughout the summer, the predominant species that you will find are red chinook and sockeye salmon, though there is a strict catch and release regulation for any sockeye you may encounter while searching for a red chinook.  Though the red chinook run is relatively small compared to the white chinook run in the fall, they are sought after due to their amazing table fare and their long hard runs when hooked. In my opinion they are one of the hardest fighting Pacific Salmon pound for pound, right up there with a chrome chum.  Since they are no slouch when on the line, heavier gear is suggested. These fish like to sit in deep and fast water, and thus drift fishing is one of the more popular ways to catch them. A 10’-12’ medium to medium-heavy baitcasting or centerpin setup is ideal, though a spinning rig can be used as well.  Bigger floats like the 30-35 gram DNE floats are typical on 20-25lb mainline, with 15-17lb leaders a must in the swifter sections of river. Monofilament like Maxima Ultragreen is a great choice for leader material, though once the water gets lower and clearer near the end of July and into August Fluorocarbon is a good idea. Hook sizes range from 1/0 to 3/0 depending on your presentation; I personally like Gamakatsu octopus hooks and Owner Cutting Points. Big globs of pro-cured roe or roe bags are the go-to baits although Colorado blades and multi-coloured wool ties are also top producers.

With all the talk of gear fishing don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about those looking to chuck flies at these red beasts. Heavy sink tips on 8-10wt single hand or double hand rods are typical. While these chinook can be (and have been) taken on a variety of patterns, intruders such as the General Practitioner are good bets especially in any combination of red, black, purple, chartreuse, or white. Other flies to try are popsicles, muddlers, small clousers and single egg patterns. Swinging any of these through some of the runs in the Lower Vedder that are set up like classic fly runs can yield some huge strikes when you are least expecting it from these summer chinook. As mentioned earlier, these fish put up a tough battle and having a reel with a beefy yet smooth and consistent drag is crucial for this particular fishery.

This is a very brief rundown on the summer chinook salmon fishery on the Chilliwack. When we get to the back end of August and into September, we will start seeing pink salmon in the system as well. The Vedder Canal is a great starting point, as these smaller salmon will stack up down there before moving upstream. These pinks will respond well to float drifted jigs, Colorado blades, and soft plastics such as curly tails while they can also be caught on the fly with any sort of pink, chartreuse, or olive coloured streamer like muddlers, or leeches as well as flash flies.

This is a cool summer fishery that isn’t too far from the city so if you have any questions, feel free to come by to the Shop to talk to us or pick up some gear!

Alex Au-Yeung


Capilano River Fishing Report
The Capilano River has been dirt low for more than a week now. Are there fish to be caught still? Absolutely! Will they be more difficult to entice? Well yes and no. Drift fishing has basically been nullified by the lack of current, and thus this is the time when the lure chuckers and the fly chuckers can come out to play. The fish will be stacked in the deep pools so finding them will be no issue, but getting them to bite will be tougher the longer they stay in freshwater. Spoons and spinners can be a good way to stir them into a biting mood, while fishing small and sparse flies such as muddlers and flash flies on full sinking lines is a great finesse alternative.  Another great way to give yourself the upper hand is to fish during low light conditions at either first or last light. Beach fishing should be getting good as well any day now with this low water, so Andre will be keeping an eye on that as well!




Beach Fishing Report
As you are reading this report on Friday please note that things change overnight, a school of fish can show up any time of the day at anytime so a negative report can turn positive in a matter of minutes.

I went out on Wednesday to scout Furry creek hoping to see some fish but no fish of any kind. The tide was high going into low so I taught if there are no pinks yet maybe there would be a chance to fish for Chinooks but even that came out negative. I made my way back to Ambleside for low tide and the results were the same except at least I saw a gear fisherman that was fishing off the jetty was walking away with a coho that he had caught earlier so that’s a good sign, at least there is hope that there are some fish around. Another thing to remember that as fish are coming in fresh they don’t show themselves as much by jumping out of the water until they have been there for a while so as much as I encourage sight fishing do some blind casting for a bit just to see if there was a pod of fish swimming close to you. As I drove over the river to head back home I noticed that the river flow was still pretty steady so it doesn’t necessarily mean that the coho haven’t arrived yet, they are just not swimming up the river and not holding in the estuary.  I hope to hear a positive report from someone before I head out next week.


Vancouver Saltwater Salmon Fishing Report

It’s official, the pinks are here. We caught our first ones of the year off South Bowen this week. These pinks are heading to the Squamish as the Fraser fish show up much later, usually early to mid August. Number should build over the coming weeks to the point where you can head up Howe Sound and fly fish for them or cast pink spinners, spoons, and jigs.

Also in the mix this week were some good catches of chinook and coho off S. Bowen.   Like the last couple of weeks there seems to be some decent activity most days from Cowan to Roger Curtis. Everyday is a little different, but for the most part the fishing has been pretty consistent as the fish are cruising around these areas feeding on schools of herring and anchovy. The fish are relatively shallow and productive depths on the riggers have been from 40-120. White UV hootchies on the top rods for coho and bait and spoons on the bottom rods seems to be a winning combination. Eddie put in a good amount of time off West Van the other day but only hooked 1 coho. So it doesn’t seem like the fish are stacking up in big numbers just yet. If you look at the extended forecast there is no rain in sight, so eventually we should see some fish stacking up off West Van and our catches of coho in this area will increase. It will depend on how much water they let out of the dam, but with no rain in the forecast I would assume they wont’ be letting much out through July and August.

We have a huge selection of spoons and hootchies and just got a bumped up our teaser head selection as well. Come by the shop and our expert staff will show you exactly what productive spoons, hootchies, teaser heads, and flashers our guide boats are using.

See you in the shop or on the water.

Jason Tonelli