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Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: May 3, 2024


We are into May and the weekend’s weather looks a little cool in the Lower Mainland but the Interior’s temperatures might hit 20 this weekend so it is going to be a good weekend to head out.

The cool weather is actually great for the Lower Mainland rivers that are seeing a good late season. It is also good for the Lower mainland stocked lakes. Cooler weather will keep them from heating up. Reports have been good on both of these fronts, and we expect it to continue when looking at the 14-day forecast.

This week we have a Squamish update where the river levels remain low and there should be more time to get up before freshet. We also have a cutthroat update where the low water levels are also a good thing, and the season is pushing well into overtime. Lastly, we have a Chilliwack update where regulations have changed. If you are considering heading out, you will want to update yourself on what has changed.  

On the interior lake front things are heating up. We had guys from the shop out last weekend.  They saw some of the first major chironomid hatches on the low/mid elevation lakes and blobs and baby damsels were also in the mix. We have more details in the lake fishing section.

We also have a saltwater report this week. On May 1 bottom fishing opened on the other side of the Georgia Strait, Gulf Islands, or further up the Sunshine Coast.  Jason has all the details on that in his report this week.

Lastly if you are looking to get into a new pair of waders there is no better time than now!   We are still running our Grundéns wader promotion – more details on that below.


Introduction to Fly Fishing
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Grundéns Wader Promotion! 

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Grundéns has been making some of the world’s best rain gear for 98 years, so it was only fitting that their step into the wader-making world resulted in some of the best high-end waders on the market!

To promote their waders, Grundéns is offering a free Forecast insulated jacket with the purchase of Boundary Zip, Boundary  or Vector wader. The Forecast Jacket retails for $189.99 CAD and features Primaloft Gold insulation and offers impressive levels of warmth with minimal bulk and weight.   

Forecast Grundens Jacket
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Here are a few details on each of these waders:

Boundary and Boundary Zip Waders
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Boundary Wader Grundens

Vector Waders
Following up on the success of their Gore-Tex waders, Grundéns has taken their wader game up a notch by introducing the Vector wader. Their goal with the Vector was simple- make the most durable wader possible, the “pick-up truck” of waders, as they describe it. Featuring a proprietary, puncture resistant 4-layer heavy duty wader laminate, the Vector definitely fits the bill, while still remaining comfortable, breathable and retaining an impressive level of mobility. Some key features include the low-profile, built-in kneepads, Yamamoto “Titanium-Alpha” stockingfeet and that awesome high-mobility leg seam. These waders are an excellent choice for those who fish hard and are looking for more durability from their waders without sacrificing comfort or mobility. 

Vector Wader Grundens

If you were considering replacing your old waders or upgrading your wading game, this is a great deal to take advantage of.  We are fully stocked so drop on by the shop to get in on this deal before it is gone!  

Taylor Nakatani


Chilliwack/Vedder River Fishing Report

This year’s Steelhead season on the C/V season is now effectively over for most anglers- phase two of the “rolling closures” has taken effect, which means the upper and mid-sections of the river are now closed to all fishing. The lower river (from the Vedder Crossing Bridge to the confluence with the Sumas River) remains open, albeit for fly fishing only and with a mandatory release of all Cutthroat and Rainbow Trout under 50cm, regardless of them being hatchery-marked or not. Note that the regulation clearly states “Rainbow Trout 50cm or less”; any Rainbow Trout over 50cm is legally considered a Steelhead, so hatchery-marked Steelhead still may be retained. 

There will still be the odd fresh Steelhead showing up late to the party, but a vast majority of the run is already in the river, and many fish have been in the system for quite a while and are rather dark as a result. I’ve heard of a few fish being caught on the fly (Spey, specifically) over the past few days… warmer water temps and a massive reduction in angling pressure do mean that fish will be more aggressive and thus more likely to eat a swung fly. A such, now is actually a pretty good time for the fly anglers get out there and have a go at swinging a Steelhead- anybody who has set eyes on the lower section of the river knows that it actually sets up beautifully for swinging flies, the only issue is that there are usually too many gear anglers in any given run to be able to swing a fly. There shouldn’t be any gear anglers on the river now, so fly guys- now is your time to shine. Standard intruders in bright (pink, white, orange, peach) or dark (black, blue, purple) colours will be good options based on water and weather conditions. 

The lower river will be closing at the end of the month, leaving the entire C/V system closed for the month of June. It will re-open on July 1st for the summer Chinook season, so at least we have that to look forward to. I’ll be taking a much-needed break from reporting on the system until then! 

Taylor Nakatani

Squamish River Fishing Report

Historically we would not be talking about the Squamish much past the first of May. Last year it went into freshet April 26th and rose well through the 5m level. Right now, we are sitting at a 2m on the graph.  We consider this almost too low for good fishing conditions. With cooler weather in the forecast until next weekend we expect this trend to continue and with it we should see an extended late season.

We heard reports of bull trout steelhead and cutthroat this week. Fry patterns, sculpin patterns, medium sized steelhead patterns and your standard spoons and float fishing gear all produced fish.

We are still seeing some cooler day and nighttime temps well into next week.

If you are planning a trip look to the 14-day trend. Things could start bumping up next Friday, but we should be safe until then. Even after next weekend it could take a few days to get the snow melt going.

Good luck,
Matt Sharp

Fraser Valley Cutthroat Fishing Report

Cutthroat fishing is still good! We have received some solid reports this week coming from the systems north of the Fraser, Harrison, Stave, and the sloughs have all yielded fish. Fry are still the prime forage for these fish. The most successful anglers have been moving a lot and covering water… sometimes multiple systems in a day. If you’re fishing the same spot for 3 hours with no luck, you’re probably missing out on the action somewhere else.

Smaller spinners and spoons along with fry patterns will fool fish. Fluorocarbon leaders and long cast might be necessary when the fish get spooky.

Water levels are on the rise but still in fishable conditions. Typically, this time of year we move into freshet and start to look elsewhere for fish with blowout conditions. With the cool evening temps, we can consider this the bonus round of fishing for most rivers.

If you haven’t already given this fishery a shot its worth a look. We have some overcast days this weekend that could make for great cover to have a shot at chasing these little wolves. Fish fast cover water and make some time to go scouting some new spots.


 Eric Peake


Interior BC Lake Fishing Report

April is in the books, and we are into the month of May, which for many lakes means peak season!  Speaking of seasons, this one has been interesting so far.  It started off with a lot of early ice offs, but April was so consistently cool that we are back to what one would describe as “normal timing.”  In some case I think we are even behind what would be a normal year.  Mother Nature sure does keep it interesting, and that’s fine by me as it keeps all of us guessing and figuring it out.  Let’s be honest, that’s half the fun!

The higher elevation lakes, north of 3500 feet are still seeing plenty of fish in the shallows because of the cold April we had.  The usual techniques of hitting the shoreline waters with indicators and leeches, scuds, baby damsels, and blobs has been very productive.  Stripping leeches, scuds, and bobbies has also been good.  Don’t be surprised if you see a quick chronie hatch later in the day, so make sure to have a rod rigged and ready to go, as they can be short and sweet windows.

Matt was out last Friday and was finding fish in less than 10 feet of water and was doing well on blobs under an indicator. The fish were surprising shallow for the elevation of the lake, a testament to how cool late April was.

Plenty of the lower elevation lakes are now in full on chironomid hatch mode.  The higher elevation lakes are right behind them and with temps in Kamloops in the 20’s and high 20’s later next week, it’s time to get out there for peak season chronie fishing!

A beautiful Pennask rainbow from this April. Lots more like this will be gorging on chronies this month.

Make sure you have a selection of patterns in size 18, 16, 14 from darker browns and greens up to the famous “chromie” patterns that imitate gassed up chironomids that are starting to ascend.  We have an excellent selection of custom tied chironomids at the shop that are sure to make your bobber disappear.  For some expert lake fishing advice, come by the shop to stock up on your lake fishing essentials.  New to chironomid fishing?  No problem, we will help you get setup for success and have some diagrams for you to keep as a reference tool.

In short, it’s go time!  The next few weeks are going to be some of the best this season has to offer.  There are thousands of lakes to choose from, from 4X4 and hike in only, to 2WD access.  It’s literally choose your own adventure book, so get out there and write yours.

See you in the shop or on the lake,

Jason Tonelli


Vancouver Salmon, Rockfish & Lingcod Fishing Report
It’s May and that means we are now open for rockfish and lingcod on the other side of the Georgia Strait, Gulf Islands, or further up the Sunshine Coast.  Primarily we are fishing in 17-10 and 29-5 when we depart from Vancouver.  If you want to run a bit further NW on our side of the coast, Area 16 is also open.  Always consult your regulations to see which areas are open.

If you are heading out, come by for some expert advice.  We will show you how to catch “bottom fish” with swim baits in some relatively shallow water early in the season, which is a blast. 

This is a great time to do a charter as we are dropping crab traps, prawn traps, and can fish for rockfish and lingcod.  We also have access to some excellent C&R chinook fishing to cap off the day!  On these charters you are going to come home with a true seafood buffet, with rockfish, lingcod, crabs and prawns.  What a great way to enjoy May!  We may also be fishing for some hatchery coho as the month progresses in Area 28, we will keep you posted as this fishery progresses.

It’s May and that means it’s seafood buffet season! Lings, rockfish, crabs, and prawns!

As mentioned previously there is also some great C&R chinook fishing in select areas that we have access to.  It’s not always about retention for a lot of clients, especially if you are travelling.  If you want to experience some awesome chinook fishing, now is the time.  If you do want to retain some fare for the table, we can always send you home with some prawns and crabs, or we can go bottom fishing.

There are some amazing chinook out there right now, just look at this specimen!

If you need some gear for coho, chinook, lingcod, rockfish, halibut, crabs, or prawns, come down to the shop.  We are fully stocked and will get you setup with the same gear we use on our guide boats.

See you in the shop or on the water,

Jason Tonelli