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Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: Nov 15th, 2013


November continues to provide the lower mainland river systems with rain that we lacked in October.  Still feels weird to say that Vancouver LACKED rain in October.  The fact that the rains have taken till mid-November to move water levels up to their peak levels for fishing and moving towards blowing out here and there has meant that fishing continues to be good to GREAT!

Fresh fish continue to pour into the Squamish, Harrison, Vedder, Stave and Fraser tributaries etc.

The barometer continues to be relatively steady even in Squamish where the airport reports consistent daily temperatures with a low of 1-3deg and highs of 6-9deg daily.  Intermittent rain showers are keeping water levels and clarity where they should be!

The 2014 salmon season promises to continue on for longer than normal with larger runs of salmon and a drawn out season due to the phenomenal October.

Lake fishing is pretty much done for the year at elevations 3500ft and above.  If you target your favorite lower elevation lakes, pick your day and fishing could still be good!

Next week is normally when Pacific Angler’s guided trips start to slow down.   However, this year the trips continue to get booked by people wanting to take advantage of the longer season!


Andre’s client from Nov 14th with gorgeous wild coho on the Harrison

Not only is the salmon fishing been great, but the egg fishing for bull trout and rainbows has been on fire!  2-8lb bull trout and Max landed a 4-5lb rainbow on Monday this week.

There are limited spots available for our Fall Salmon Fishing Trips which have been a reel screaming success this year!!  Call Bryce @ 778-788-8582 to book now!

In Memory of Peter Morrison

Peter Morrison’s Celebration of Life Service details:

Dear Friends,

We, the Morrison Family, would like to invite you to join us in Celebrating the Life of a special person, Peter Morrison. The Celebration of Life and Reception will be held at the Matsqui Community Hall (33676A St. Olaf Ave, Abbotsford, BC) on Saturday November 23, 2013.

The Celebration of Life starts at 1pm with the reception to follow until 5pm.

PM_Fly Caught Spring_June 1_2013

P-MO, you will be missed and remembered forever.



BC Federation of Drift Fishers’ Annual Banquet

You are cordially invited to BC Federation of Drift Fishers’ annual banquet on Saturday  November 16th at the Executive Plaza Hotel  (405 North Road in Coquitlam).

  • November 16th, door opens at 6:00pm
  • Buffet dinner begins at 7:00pm
  • followed by silent auction and raffle draws

This event is the organization’s primary fundraiser for the year and plays a huge role in allowing it to continue our many initiatives in protecting fish stocks and preserving angler opportunity.

As most are aware, ongoing cutbacks both provincially & federally are having a serious negative effect on the ability to protect our fish stocks.  It is more important than ever that groups such as BCFDF work in conjunction with other concerned groups and individuals to lobby for increased protection and enhancement of stocks, not only for now but also to preserve this priceless heritage for future generations.

Your consideration of attending or donating to the many draws & auctions at the event is greatly appreciated.

Tickets to the banquet are $55/person. For further info please check out BCFDF’s web site or contact Cal at  driftfisher@shaw.ca or Rod at rodney.a.clapton@sunlife.com or phone  604-530-1624.

Thank you for help in saving fish and keeping anglers on the water.

Rod Clapton   President, B.C. Federation of Drift Fishers

Steelhead Society of British Columbia Thompson River Fundraiser

SSBC will be hosting live and silent auctions as well as a raffle draw. The funds will go toward a habitat restoration project planned for the Coldwater River, which is one of the major spawning tributaries for Thompson River steelhead.

  • When: Thursday, November 21st. Doors open at 7pm
  • Where: Event is at Mickey’s Pub in Coquitlam
  • Price: It is $20 and includes a beer and a burger.


SSBC is looking for prizes for the raffle, and auctions. If you or your company are able to help out with a donation, please send to:

Attn: Brian Braidwood,
Steelhead Society of B.C.
110-1140 Austin Ave
Coquitlam BC, V3K -3P5
ph: 604-931-5044

2013 Annual Policy Conference and Big Splash Gala Fundraiser

Conference agenda is forming now, expect details about our speakers list and theme for the conference in the coming weeks.

  • When: Thursday, December 5th, 2013
  • Where: River Rock Casino, Richmond BC

For more details click here: BC Sport Fishing Institute Events

Please view the SPONSOR  or DONATE  pdfs, be in touch with the SFI office at info@sportfishing.bc.caor by phone at 604.946.0734.  To register for attendance to the Conference and/or the Big Splash please call the office at the number above or visit this link:  2013 Annual Policy Conference and Big Splash Gala Fundraiser

Now on to the fishing and fish porn!________________________________________________________________

Special Feature SectionFall Egg Fishing for Bull & Rainbow Trout!

Break out those Sage 10ft 5wts, its time for egg fishing again!

In British Columbia we are blessed with an amazing run of salmon in the fall but besides the obvious epic salmon fishing there is a hidden benefit from this mass migration. With coastal streams there is not much in the way of bug life and relatively low in nutrient levels but when the salmon return so does the food for all the other species living in our local rivers.  Thousands of bull trout, rainbows cutthroat, and white fish follow the salmon to the upper reaches of our rivers to feed on the eggs and flesh off the spawning/dying salmon.


As the salmon get stale many anglers often hang up their gear in Mid-November, waiting for winter steelhead to start moving into the local waters.  However, this means that many anglers miss out on this unique and productive fishery.  The guys at the store often catch fish in double digits.  This is not only an exciting fishery but it can also be challenging.  So, here are some basic steps to help you get on your way.

1.) Equipment & Gear

Egging_Equipment_gear_2013                         Quiver of gear and accessories hand picked by the Pacific Angler Staff for fishing egg patterns

Fly: egg pattern (wool globugs or beads); your box should have a selection of different colours/shades, size and weight. We tend to match the “hatch” by looking at the species of salmon. Right now the majority of eggs are chum eggs. When they are first laid by the fish they bright but soon turn a peachy white. We also look to the river conditions. If the water is dirty fishing brighter eggs and if it is low and clear look to dull smaller eggs.

Egging_Equipment_flybox_2013         A previously well stocked fly box of egg patterns. Tie lots as there will be some lost soldiers throughout the day

Rod/Reel: single handed rod (weight of choice – I like a 6 weight in case you get into a big bulltrout but some guys will fish as light as a 3wt)

Line/Leader: Standard floating line.  A standard tapered leader works well.  The RIO nymphing leaders are excellent. If you want to get technical come into the show and we will show you how to cut back an old tapered leader and custom make it for nymphing.

The Rig: Place your strike indicator 1ft -3ft into the 9ft leader. Look to the depth of water for this placement. A good rule of thumb is making the distance from indicator to fly 1/3rd more than the depth of water. A 9ft distance will fish 6ft of water effectively.   At the end of the leader tie on 18inch of tippet with a blood knot or use a small swivel. Above this knot or swivel use one or 2 small split shot. At the end of the tippet either anchor your bead 1-2inches above a # 8 black Gamakatsu with a tooth pick or tie on a glow bug.

Egging_Equipment_flyline_2013Two of my favorite lines for our coastal rivers

2.) Location, location, location!

Finding the right location is key.  As a rule I look for areas directly downstream of spawning salmon.  Then you can work your way downstream looking for troughs, depressions, or a current that will funnel eggs to the fish.  Fish are laaaazzzzzy so remember to find those areas that are easy for the fish to pick up the eggs from the current. Identify areas of walking passé water that is near areas of fast water that will bring a constant stream of eggs to the fish. Cover lots of water it is not uncommon to fish a few different runs with no luck then stumble upon a small piece of water that pumps out 3-20 fish. We call these spots refrigerators because sometime the spot is as small as a refrigerator and every time your indicator passes over the area you will hook a fish.

Egging_reading the river_2013

A productive section of water. Note the hard outside current and soft inside seam

3.) Technique

Nymphing style: this involves casting upstream at a 45 degree angle and drifting your flies (without drag) downstream.  This imitates the eggs freely flowing in the current.  This technique can be used with a strike indicator at the start of your leader or you can do direct line nymphing (czech nymphing).  We use the indicator method primarily and the more proactive you are with mending the line to keep a dead drift the better.

4.) Conditions:

Water conditions will dictate which method you use and to what scale.  Rising water conditions, are in my opinion, the best conditions for this fishery because eggs will be washed downstream by the stronger currents putting the fish on the feed.  In clear water conditions this is where you are going to have to use smaller flies, fluorocarbon leaders and tippet at a thinner diameter, and take a stealthy approach.  Think stalking trout in small Montana creeks!


This fishery will be great from mid-November, December, and January. It will taper off in late February. In the New Year we offer the famous Pacific Angler Nymphing Course where we take you out on the water a put this technique into practice. Keep your eye on the reports – we will be announcing all of our 2014 courses soon! Also make sure to check out the Pacific Angler Facebook page.  The guys at the shop update it everyday with fish caught on guided trips, personal fishing days, and great information we find online.  As always if you have any questions give the shop a call at 604-872-2204!

Galata bridge in Turkey – (The Vedder River of Istanbul)


Derek, a regular PA customer and neighbor was recently back in Turkey on business and got us some pictures that make pink fishing at Furry Creek in August and wading on the Vedder River in October seem spacious and deserted.  I counted over 30rods in that picture above!

Veddar_Istanbul, Turkey_2013

He say’s that the method to landing the fish they catch is to whip the rod up so that the hooked fish flies over everyone’s heads and onto the bridge deck behind.  Catch and release not an option at that point!

Squamish River (Lower): The lower Squamish is still producing fresh coho and chum. Tides and times are playing a key role with fish movement with the usual spoons and spinners producing some good results.


Swing your popsicle flies in pink/purple on a type 3 sink tip using 5-6 FT of 12lb maxima and hope that you have one last shot at a Coho before the season makes way for the bull trout and then steelhead.


The water is clear and has a nice flow to it from the confluence of Cheakamus all the way downstream to the Mamquam river.

Upper Squamish: The upper Squamish River is producing some amazing results as of late with a mix of coho and trout. There are some nice bright coho still to be had in the various side channels and runs that make up this incredible system.


Along with the coho, incredible fishing for bull and rainbow trout should be in order for anyone headed up into the valley. Spinners and spoons are producing some great results for coho while single eggs and beads are producing some banner days for the bulls and rainbows.

This past holiday Monday saw some of the guys from the shop do a drift on the upper Squamish with some incredible results while egging for the bulltrout. Along with the bulls, many rainbows were also brought to hand. Max even landed one rainbow that was easily 4lb!!

Max_USquamish_rainbow_Nov 11_2013

The key to successful ‘egging’ or nymphing is acquiring the correct drift. One could easily be fishing productive water and not be doing well until the drift is dialed in.

Squamish BT_MS_2013

This was experienced first-hand by shop new-guy Jordan Simpson while taking lessons from Matt and Max; both experts in the egg nymphing game.

We have a wide selection of beads and accessories to make up this effective rig here at the shop so come on in and talk to us- we would be more than happy to get you going in the right direction to a fishery that will last all winter.

trout beads

While the Jordan, Max and Matt were drifting the Squamish they paid tribute to our friend Peter Morrison.  LOVE this picture.  The boys shared one last beer with P-mo and then continued down the river.

PM_Beer_Squamish_Nov_11_2013Having a beer with P-mo Raft_Squamish_nov 11_2013

Fraser River:  The Fraser River has been producing some good fish as of late on various flies, spoons, and spinners with coho still making up the majority of the catch. As the coho fishing slowly starts to taper off, side-streams, back channels, and creeks will be good places to look for cutthroat, bulltrout, and dolly varden (please remember that is zero retention for these species).

These fish can all be taken on the same spoons and spinners as the coho, with flies being smaller and more natural coloured (olive and natural muddlers, wooly buggers, and small to medium nymphs, for example).

Harrison River: The Harrison is low again after last weeks rain and the fish are holding in the channels waiting for the next bump in the river levels. There are still chrome fish trickling in and can continue to do so to the end of the month if we get more rain. You can still fish by the Hwy 7 bridge and encounter coho as there is sufficient amount of water for them to come through.

I was guiding a long time customer of PA and chaser of coho on the fly on the Harrison.  This appears to have been his year!! We had a good day on water this past Monday.


Again use very sparse flies tied in olive, purple, chartreuse and white with a clear tip line and 12lb flurocarbon tippet. Vary your strips to find the mood of the coho that day.

Happy Fishing


Chilliwack/Veddar:  All good reports from the Vedder last week have been from early morning outings. Small copper flies, roe and jigs have been hot.  The water is on the rise and we could see the last solid wave of fresh chum and Coho. It is a good weekend to get out for one more go at salmon fishing!

Stave River: We had ok reports of coho off the stave this week and we did see pictures of fresh chum. Like the Vedder, the purple jig has been the ticket for chum and early morning and small flies or spinners for the coho.

Local Saltwater – Eddie Matthei

I have been dying to go to the rivers after hearing great reports but I’m on a well-deserved Daddy Duty with my 2 daughters. Oh the sacrifices we have to make but I do look forward to when my girls are older and I’ll be able to take them with me. My 5 year old daughter caught her first trout at 28 months and loves to fish!

A few boats have gone out prospecting for the first winter feeder chinook but other than the odd chum and a few undersized fish I’d heard about that’s been about it. I’m sure in the next few weeks a few more reports will come in as we start to approach this great fishery. Jan22,2011

I’m my opinion and that of fellow fisherman that would agree with me, these winter feeders are the best tasting fish and pound for pound are the strongest fighters as well. Since all they are doing is feeding and bulking up the oil content is high and meat quality is as good as it gets.

The typical method for catching them is finding bait and running the lines close to the bottom. Sometimes they can be found a little higher up and you find they are mostly at a particular depth. We usually don’t use bait since primary spoons and some hoochies get the job done. Every year certain patterns of spoon and hoochies begin to emerge as their favourites. We’ll have to wait and see what they want this year.

Tight Lines,


Saltwater Fly-fishing 2014 @ Haa Nee Naa Lodge

Haa Nee Naa Lodge, Dundas Island, British Columbia, Canada


Pacific Angler is looking at booking two HOSTED fishing trips in 2014 at Haa Nee Naa!  The weeks we are targeting are: August 1-4th or 8-11th.  If either one of these dates work for you, contact us to reserve your spot!!

One of the finest Salmon Fishing Lodges in BC, Haa Nee Naa Lodge, provides all-inclusive Salmon Fishing and Saltwater Fly Fishing Adventures.

Safely nestled in a secluded, breathtaking cove on the north shore of Dundas Island, 35 miles northwest of Prince Rupert BC, Canada, Haa Nee Naa Lodge is one of British Columbia’s northern most saltwater salmon fishing lodges. It is the only sport fishing resort located amongst the beauty and tranquility of remote Dundas Island, BC.


Overlooking the picturesque South East Alaska Panhandle (only 5 miles to the north) Haa Nee Naa Lodge offers an un-crowded and untouched array of saltwater fishing experiences. Haa Nee Naa Lodge is a floating resort uniquely positioned only minutes from the migratory paths of millions of pacific salmon. A short boat ride places you in the finest salmon fishing waters found anywhere in the world.

Saltwater Fly Fishing @ Haa Nee Naa

This is the hosted trip that Pacific Angler will be aiming for in 2014! Enjoy this teaser!

Welcome to the secluded world of Haa Nee Naa Lodge and the breathtaking west coast beauty that encompasses this protected island paradise. Explore the ideal location to fly cast for Pacific Salmon.


Imagine yourself entering the realm of miles upon miles of kelp forests which border the shorelines and reefs of Dundas Island. Prime feeding grounds for all 5 species of hungry Pacific Salmon. Millions pass through Dundas Island waters each summer making it the premier saltwater fly fishing destination on the British Columbia coast.

Haa_nee_naa_Peter_M_fighting coho_2012

Large Northern Coho (silvers) invade the area waters in mid July and provide fly anglers some action packed days. A good day on the cast fly would be in excess of a dozen Coho hookups but the average catch would be 4-6. The acrobatic Coho range in weight from 6 – 20 pounds with the average weighing 9-10 pounds.

Haa_nee_naa_Kelp beds

To read more about this amazing and explosive fishery read the Haa Nee Naa Fly-fishing section on their website.

Contact Pacific Angler at bookings@pacificangler.ca or call 778-788-8582 to talk with our Bookings Manager to reserve your spot for an amazing time at Haa Nee Naa in 2014!

Pacific Angler Courses Update

A quick reminder, we will have this completed the Pacific Angler 2014 Course Schedule towards the end of November so please keep an eye for it.  We will publish the 2014 schedule in the weekly fishing report, on FB and on our blog as well.

Want to WIN $100 gift card to Pacific Angler?  Contact Bryce at Pacific Angler with your IDEA on a NEW course for us to teach and if we are able to create the course we will give you a $100 gift card!!  We have received 6-8 suggestions so far and it is looking like some customers will be getting those gift cards right in time for Xmas!

canadian 100 bill

First come first serve on those ideas!!

 Pacific Angler Courses for the remaining 2013 schedule are completely SOLD OUT EXCEPT FOR ONE SPOT!! We have ONE spot left in one of Andre’s salmon on the fly courses starting on Nov 18th!  Call the store for details ASAP as this spot will go fast!

We have had an amazing year growing the educational part of what we offer to our customers and in 2014 we hope to continue to grow this segment of the business!

Our source of motivation here is the amazing feedback and responses to the courses we teach.  Our students continually send pictures and tell us stories of how they caught their first coho on the fly after taking a course or learning how to fish the local saltwater with success!  Learning how to tie flies that work is another great one as there is such a high level of satisfaction that comes from catching a fish on a fly you have tied!

On behalf of the Pacific Angler staff we wish you the best in your fishing endeavors and we hope to see you either at the shop or on the water. To check out the latest Pacific Angler news view the Pacific Angler Facebook page.

Jason, Matt, Andre, Max, Eddie, Jordan and Bryce