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Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: October 25th, 2013


So it seems that in 2013 that October and September have decided to swap places regarding our fall weather patterns!  September being one of the wettest Septembers in years and October shaping up to being the driest October in over 20yrs.

What does this mean for fishing?  The local saltwater fishing definitely did not benefit from this switch, river fishing has been amazing and the fall lake fishing continues to deliver epic days for the loyal stillwater anglers.

There is some rain in the forecast this weekend which will help out falling river levels then we head back to another week of sun!

Fresh waves of fish continue to come into the various river systems and fishing continues to be from good to excellent!

The Pacific Angler guided fall salmon fishing trips are in full swing and dates are quickly filling up!!

Solo fisher and want to do a trip?  We can set up shared fishing trips as well!! Give us a call and let us know the dates that work for you and we will pair you up with another person to share the trip with you!Frank Cantoni_0ct 18th_2013

There are limited dates available for our trips now so if you are thinking of booking, please do not hesitate another day.  Call 778-788-8582 to book now!

Stillwater Reports

The lakes are still producing great fall fishing for those anglers escaping the crowds.  From epic dragonfly hatches on Ivey Lake in Pemberton to shoal fishing on Courtney lake outside of Merritt, the next couple weeks look to be the stillwater angler’s last opportunity this fall to have some great days on the lakes before the cold snap hits and we are done till spring.  Waterboatmen, leeches (large and micro), bloodworms, dragonflies, gomphus patterns are all great choices and watch for late afternoon hatches as well!


We have had good reports from the Vedder but this time of year we see a shift in the fishing technique. The river is low and all the “good” reports have come from early in the morning. Anytime we see sunny days and lower water conditions the fish will become picky. Look to fish before the sun hits the water and then in the middle of the day look for deep shaded holes. Tone down your presentations and use drab colors. Small roe presentations, small spoons and small drab flies are best. Look to use fluorocarbon leaders as well to minimize your presence and keep the fish from spooking.


The Squamish is still fishing well. Check out these amazing shots from Matt’s trip early this week. 9 years old and already catching bigger Squamish Coho than dad!


The river has been holding at good levels with 3-4ft clarity. On the lower river the chum are still coming in fresh but there are quite a few older stale fish in the river that can be a nuisance for snagging. Try to minimize the snagging with lighter sink tips and we recommend avoiding bottom bouncing. Max and Bryce hit the water yesterday morning and had good success on blades for coho and caught a number of Chum on the fly.  With the forecast calling for more sun and cooler conditions the river will drop. Just like the Vedder, we recommend early mornings.  The fish are much more aggressive and less spooky when the sun is not on the water.


Use copper or gold spoons and spinners in the middle of the day because they are not as bright as other presentations and or jigs and small drab flies. This said, if you get lucky and hit a fresh wave of fish coming in on a high tide they will not be as effected by the sun and will still eat big and bright presentations.

Our drifts have been very successful on the upper river but there are not many roadside spots this year and you will have to hike hard to find water. We also had a good report of egg fishing for bull trout on the upper river and if you are interested in trying something different, running an egg fly or bead in areas where the pinks were spawning can be lots of fun.


If you are interested in this fishery it will continue well into the New Year. Come talk to Max, Jordan or Matt. They all love this fishery and will show you some of the more technical aspects of the egg technique.

Harrison River:

Our trips up the Harrison have been successful and with lower water levels it is easier to hike and access the river. Because the Harrison usually flows clear the fish are more comfortable in clear water and the low clear conditions are not as big a factor as on other rivers. This said long leaders and small drab flies are important. We love jig fishing this system – pink and purple is deadly for chum. If you are targeting coho use copper and orange spoons and spinners in medium to small sizes. Andre slaved over the vise Thursday and is bringing in a fresh batch of coho flies today.  His olive and copper patterns and “naked muddlers” are killer on the Harrison system.   Fish these with an intermediate sink tip, 6ft fluorocarbon leader and cover slower slack water.  For the chum, look to fish moving water.  We recommend a #3 sink tip or heavier with 12lb maxima leader.


Andre’s Harrison River Report: Harrison river is getting pretty low which make walking and wading more accessible by foot. With the bright sun light hitting the water use smaller and sparse flies and use of fluorocarbon tippet is better than regular mono. As you walk the back channels look for deeper pools as the Coho will be holding with much more comfort than shallower water. The water is very clear so use clear sink tip line for this fishery as anything else will spook the fish. For those of you who can access the upper river by boat fish the main stem Harrison by standing on the islands and swinging you fly but again don’t hesitate to check out the back waters as fish might be trapped in a pool and are waiting for the rain to bring the levels up.

Stave River:

People have been coming in and stocking up on both gear and flies for this local fishery. The Stave can provide some great action without having to go too far.
Being dam controlled the water flows can fluctuate quite heavily, which in turn can influence fish movement. One thing that people may consider is when the tides influence the river. This can help decide when and where to fish effectively – High tide and after has been the most productive.


Popular lures are small spinners and spoons, especially when the water is low and clear. Heavy Metal, Koho Flash, Vibrax by Blue Fox, and small Dick Nite’s would be a good starting point.

For flies, small naked muddler minnows in either olive or chartreuse, or even the classic natural with a slight hint of blue or green flash may be a good starting point as well as small nymphs in olive and more natural/neutral colours (think ’52 Buick).
When fishing lower down and closer to the mouth where fresh fish could possibly be encountered, small flash flies and sparse baitfish patterns might be considered.

-Jordan Simpson

Capilano River: We had some cool reports of successful Chinook fishing late in the afternoon over the last couple days.  This probably has to do with good evening tides and low light conditions. We heard reports of guys doing well on wool in white and chartreuse.  This fishery is slowing down but should provide some good action for a little longer.

Saltwater Report:

We have had very little reported from local saltwater fishing in the last week. Our last charter was Saturday, Oct 19th and they had a few bites but no fish to the box.  The guides I have spoken to are scheduling fall maintenance on their boats after a long and wildly successful year of local saltwater fishing!  There are still fish off of W. Van so do not hesitate to get out and try the flood tide off the Cap and enjoy the weather we have been having!

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Jason, Matt, Andre, Max, Eddie, Jordan and Bryce