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Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: October 6. 2023



Happy Thanksgiving!    We are looking forward to another long weekend and with it some extra time out on the water!   If we could sum up this week’s report in two words, it would be – Go Fishing!  We have an amazing weekend of weather in the forecast, and the reports all week have been excellent so it’s time to get out there and enjoy it.   

In this week’s report, we have details on the Chilliwack, Capilano and Squamish in the freshwater section. All valley rivers are low but fishing well. The heat forecasted this weekend is not great for the Sea to Sky corridor, but we are still hearing good reports from up there. Even though the water will be colored in spots it is worth a look. We heard of some great bulltrout reports this week.  If you do head out keep an eye on the water levels in case the warm temperatures, coupled with the rain predicted for the start of next week, bumps the river up.   

Eric with a nice bulltrout from earlier this week

For those of you headed to the interior for some still water action, reports from that region continue to be excellent and the weather should make it another great weekend.  

On the saltwater front, things locally are winding down a bit, but our guide boats are still consistently finding fish on all of our trips.  We’ll be back next week with a saltwater report as we transition into reporting in here on that fishery every two weeks.   

In next week’s report we will be tuning in with a more detailed report where Matt is going to be looking at the chum numbers to gauge where we are at. For now, we hope everyone has a great long weekend, reflects on what they are thankful for and gets out fishing!  

If you are heading out this long weekend, we’re in the shop regular hours all weekend and closed on Monday. 

Thanksgiving Long Weekend Hours 

Friday October 6 | 10AM-7PM 
Saturday October 7 | 10AM-6PM 
Sunday October 8 | 11AM-5PM 
Monday October 9 | Closed 

On to the report!  


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Chilliwack River Fishing Report  
The C/V system has been producing quite well over the past week with exceptional numbers of chinook being encountered by most anglers, and good numbers of coho being encountered by those who know where to look. There are still a few pinks hanging around as well, though they are now closed for retention- most are in pretty rough shape, so it’s not like you would want to keep them anyways.  I’ve heard a few reports of chum in the system as well, though the Albion test fishery numbers for chum aren’t looking so good as of right now.  

The river is currently getting a bit low and clear again, and there isn’t a lot of rain in the forecast until the start of next week as of right now.  Be sure to adjust your gear to the conditions you are fishing and don’t be afraid to change up your gear if everybody is doing the same thing.  

We’re now into what I would consider to be peak season for the C/V system, so now is the time to get out there, fish hard, potentially rack up great numbers of coho and chinook. Be sure to keep an eye on the regs, and make sure you are fishing ethically. 

Taylor Nakatani 

Capilano River Fishing Report  
The Capilano has drastically changed since last week. The opening of the dam allowed higher numbers of coho and chinook into the system. This made for some excellent fishing opportunities. 

Water levels have since dropped making it difficult to float fish some locations. The key to fishing low water is to reduce the gear size and leader weight. Go small, get stealthy and look for happy rolling fish. Fly fishing can be extremely effective in the low water. Clear intermediate lines, sink tips or full sink with small flies can pick up fish. 

A little note on gear choice for this time of year. We often use lighter rods for coho but with the presence of big chinook a light rod won’t cut it. I strongly recommend heavier spinning rods and 8 weight fly rods for chance encounters with the big spring. 

We have some weather makers rolling in early next week that could change this fishery so keep your eyes on the water levels before you head out. 


Eric Peake 

Squamish River Fishing Report 
This week has seen a mix of conditions as well as reports of fish encounters. 

Between some scouting trips of our own and personal trips for customers, we’ve had some mixed experiences.  Though cooling down each evening, this next week is supposed to bring some warm weather and rain. This should hopefully equate to an increase of coho and char in the system once the rain is done and the daytime temperatures cool.   
The pink salmon are done for all intents and purposes, with coho and char starting to become the main target species.  With this, anglers will want to be prepared with a mix of gear- both fly and traditional. 
We’ve had some reports of coho being found on spinners, spoons, and twitching jigs- all great options for the gear angler and great options for prospecting and finding fish. 
For the fly anglers, swinging larger profile searching patterns such as two-stage and single-stage intruders can be great options, with smaller flash flies such as Christmas trees and custom-ties by Andre. 
After this expected rain, we should start to see the char fishing increase as well. The Dolly Varden, bulltrout, and salmon will take glo-bugs and beads willingly, with beads being a popular choice (both hard and soft) in a variety of sizes and colours. 

We weren’t the first ones on the river this week!

Please keep in mind that Squamish is wild, and with that comes wildlife. Please be careful and respectful of the wildlife that we you may encounter, and to also be respectful of redds.  


Jordan Simpson