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Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: September 15, 2017



It is “go time” for the fall season! Weather looks like it is shaping up well and it is perfectly timed for our Fall Salmon Sale this weekend! Temperatures are dropping but still staying nice for hitting the water and we have some rain in the forecast for Sunday. This should really get a number of our local salmon rivers going. A bump in water levels from the rain will bring fish in the different systems. Oh and they have opened the Fraser for chinook bar fishing as well as catch and release pink fishing! All good news!

We have lots of anglers heading up north to the Skeena country over the next few weeks. With this in mind we re-released an older video of Jason’s helicopter adventures back in 2015. If you are looking for some fun footage to pump you up for a Skeena trip or just like good steelhead footage check it out here!

We expect that this will be the first good week to hit the Vedder. We have heard solid reports of pinks and coho being caught last week but with a little bit of rain we should see a good push of fish early next week. Check out the Vedder report for more details.

Andre’s coho flies have arrived at the shop. These flies are awesome for coho in the Vedder Harrison, Capilano and Squamish. They will be on sale this weekend so make sure you load up!

The Capilano might also see some fish and though the rain is not good for the beach fisherman or saltwater guys, the river fishing should pick up.

Though rain is sometimes an issue for the Fraser mouth and the West Van saltwater fisheries because fish head up the rivers, it is probably not enough rain to make a major impact. After Sunday we are back to clear skies and there should be lots of fish still coming. We had some solid fishing this last week and it looks as though some of the big white springs are showing up off west van and also the mouth of the Fraser. Jason and guests hooked a couple really big fish at the Fraser mouth and Eddie had some good fishing along the North Shore. Check out Jason’s saltwater report for more info and also note they have closed pink salmon retention out in the salt so you will have to release pinks if you catch them.  Here is a link to the regulations changes affecting the closure.

The Fraser is open! It caught us by surprise but this is a great fishery to look at. You can catch and release pinks using spoons, flies and pink/chartreuse spin-n-glows and bar fishing for Chinook with the classic large spin-n-glow bar rig setup. Come down to the shop and the guy can show you how to set up the rigs.

If you’re heading out one thing to remember– DO NOT GO BOTTOM BOUNCING – we cannot stress this enough. We won’t get into the politics of the opening but sockeye are not open and bouncing, though sometimes productive for chinook, will catch sockeye. If the DFO see the sports fishing community hooking a bunch of sockeye, it will not set a good precedent for keeping the river open and for future seasons. Here is a link to the regulations changes affecting the opening.

We want to make note that DFO has been quite active in the last couple days on the salt as well. We need, as a community, to play by the rules and give them no excuse to shut down fisheries. Make sure barbs are pinched, chinook are properly tagged out when you catch them and species like pinks, sockeye and wild coho are properly identified and released.

Though the Squamish has not been as productive as past pink seasons we are getting close to the time when coho and chum start rolling in. There are still some fresh pinks being caught but most are now stale. Egging is also another great option this time of year so check out the Squamish report below for more info and get ready for chum and coho!

Lastly the Skagit River trout fishery is at its peak. We have started to see colder evenings and this is when things can really turn on. It will be good until the days get cold, usually around mid October. Until the cold hits it is a great time to get out. We have a number of friends heading out on the water this weekend and Matt has more details below.



It’s here! Our Fall Salmon Sale will be in full swing this weekend! This is your chance to get geared up for the upcoming season and restock your favorite flies and lures that have been producing all summer. Great gear is on sale at amazing prices! Come down and take advantage of serious savings throughout the entire store. See something in the store that is not on this list? No problem, the time to ask for a deal is this weekend because we are ready to help you save, save, save!

From expert to beginner, we have something for you and at the best prices of the year. So come down for some friendly advice, get geared up, and save money!

Sale Dates and Hours

Saturday September 17 – 10AM to 6PM

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If you missed the listing of all of the amazing deals sale items check it out here!



If you’ve been thinking about taking in some classes this month – there is still some time to sign up for our September classes.

Introduction to Fly Tying
There is no greater satisfaction than catching a fish with a fly you tied yourself. This Introduction to Fly Tying course was specifically designed to give you the fundamental skills needed to tie proven fly patterns used here in BC for trout, salmon and steelhead.

This course consists of 3 sessions; each session is 3hrs.

Students are required to supply their own vise, tools and materials. A 10% discount is available on fly tying materials and tools purchased for the course.

Dates: September 19, 26 and October 3, 6:30PM – 9:30PM – SOLD OUT – PUT YOUR NAME ON THE WAITLIST FOR POTENTIAL NEW FALL DATES

Introduction to Fly Tying Course Vancouver Fishing Class

Introduction to Fly Fishing
This course was specifically designed to give the new fly fisher the basic knowledge, casting skills and fly fishing strategies to effectively fish our local BC waters. This course is comprised of two sessions; 3hr evening seminar and a 3hr casting session. The dates below show the seminar date first and casting date second.

Dates – Seminar: September 20, 6:30PM-9:30PM
Dates – Casting: September 23, 10AM – 1PM or 2PM – 5PM
Cost: $125

Fall Salmon River Fishing: Floats, Spinners and Spoons
This 3hr evening seminar covers float fishing, spinner fishing and spoon fishing; the three most productive techniques to catch BC salmon in a river.

Dates: Sep 25, 6:30PM – 9:30PM
Cost: $45.00



Capilano River Fishing Report
There hasn’t been much change in the water level of this system. However, with the rain that we are expecting over the weekend, we expect to see lots of fresh fish entering the system.

With the low water level right now, try to look for holding fish to maximize your chance. Casting small lures such as 3/16 oz crocs and size 2 ~ 3 blue fox might entice some bites. Also, try twitching 1/4oz to 3/8 oz jigs.

As for the fly selections, try swinging cap buggers or streamer in blue, white, olive or copper. Check out Andre’s coho fly selection. He has designed them for the Harrison and Vedder but they are very productive on the Cap as well!

If the water level rises, it would be a great time to take your drift gear out. Try drifting jigs, colorado blades, gooey bobs, and small spoons under a float.

Try to be at the river first light as the most action happens for about an hour after first light.

Keep checking the water level, if the kayak cam or the Water office website is inaccessible, you can check the water level data of Cable pool here.

Be safe out there,

Dustin Oh

Squamish River Fishing Report
With the Squamish in decent shape, and only one day of rain in the forecast we expect levels to be good going into the end of the month. Bull trout, coho, and chum salmon are all going to be starting up soon and anglers will want a variety of presentations of spoons and spinners, and flies and nymphs/eggs/beads. If you read back on last week’s Squamish primer report as well as scout the report archives, you’ll notice we like using medium to medium-fast spinning rods as well as 5 to 8wt fly rods to compliment the species we are targeting.

Squamish coho

Looking forward to another year of chasing down coho like this one from last season.

Coho should start trickling in any day now and anglers may want to take this time to scout. Matt is scouting this weekend and we will have more info next week. The best time to fish the Squamish is after the first frosts but there is always some decent fishing before that. We have already heard of chum in the system and a few coho have been caught.

We have the sale coming up this Saturday and Sunday, so if you were thinking of getting geared up, this weekend would be a great time to do so!

Tight lines and loops,

Jordan Simpson

Vedder River Fishing Report
The fall salmon season is upon us and what more fitting river to start the season off than the Vedder. The water is dirt low and extremely clear right now but that hasn’t stopped fish from moving in. There are a good number of pinks schooling up mixed in with some chinook and the odd coho. While you will find fish throughout the system, the majority of them are still in the lower river and are holed up in the few deep pools that still remain. Fresh batches are constantly coming in and since we are stuck with these low water conditions for the next little while it is a good bet to stay low and intercept these fresher schools.

We have a little rain in the forecast on Sunday and we are excited that it will move in more fish. It probably won’t bump up the river too much and until the rain appears and gives the water a bit of colour, think to fish with more finesse presentations. This means smaller baits/lures/flies and fluorocarbon leaders. First light is typically best right now as the fish will be less wary; pro-cured roe under a float is popular and can be deadly for chinook and coho when the sun starts to rise. Wool ties, chinook eggs, and chinook blades can also be productive especially after it gets a bit brighter. For those that want to catch pinks, drifting a jig or twitching a jig can entice a bite or two, as will small spoons and spinners. Fly fishing can be a great technique for those tucked away or hidden spots that not many people have touched; a small flash fly, egg sucking leech, or muddler minnow can entice both coho and pinks while a larger fly like a popsicle can be swung through deeper runs on sink tips to search for chinook.

Each day will see more fish on this system and once we get that first big rain there will be more than enough fish for everyone. However there is enough fish now to warrant a look so come down to the Shop to get stocked up on everything you need for this fishery! 

Alex Au-Yeung


Skagit River Fishing Report
We hit the water last week and though we had excellent fishing in the evening, the temperatures had not dropped. We are now seeing the ideal warm day time temps with colder evening and night temperatures. This should get the hatches going and make them more consistent through the day. Fish will also become more active preparing for the winter.

If you planning a trip I like fishing the Skagit until daytime temps get cold. This historically happens in the first week of October but can sometimes drag its’ heals well into October.

Matt’s ‘go to’ Skagit flies!

With lots of time left and the best fishing to come get out there! Visit the shop if you have any questions and all the guys can help get the right flies for your trip. Having some immerging grey and green mayflies is probably a good idea with what we saw last week but every day can be different so make sure the boxes are stocked.

Good Luck,

Matt Sharp



Beach Fishing Report – Season Wrap Up
The tides were not that great last week so there is not a lot to report, however the good tides started yesterday and will be good until Wednesday. We are wrapping up the beach report for the season but watch the river levels and there should be one or 2 more good weeks. I will still fish the beach as long as the Capilano river stays low.

Now is a good time to fish as both coho and chinook swim really close to the river mouth. If you are gear fishing there is a good chance that you might hook into a chinook as you can cast further and present your spoon/spinners deeper than the flies. Just make sure you have enough line on your reel as they will make a run almost to Lions Gate Bridge before you get a chance to do your first retrieve.

If you are fly fishing off a boat anchor up inside the marker and use a fast sinking line. Let your fly go all the way to the bottom and retrieve really slowly with long pulls. The key to this fishery is to have the patience to wait because the chinook hang out really close to the bottom. The flies can be anywhere from bright shiny woolly buggers or actual baitfish patterns. Use a 20 lb tippet tied straight to the fly line.

Until next year,

Andre Stepanian

Vancouver Saltwater Salmon Fishing Report
This past week we did see the fishing for the red chinook slow down, as usual this time of year, and of course the addition of some white chinook in the local waters. We also had a few more coho show up.

We have been concentrating our efforts in two main areas. On our shorter trips we have been fishing the Cap Mouth on the flood tide and have had some good success for the first of the Cap chinook showing up and we have also been getting some coho. It hasn’t been red hot, but is has been consistent and our guides have been coming back with chinook and coho on most of our 5 to 6 hour trips to this area. On the ebb tide we have been fishing towards the Pink Apartment, Point Atkinson, or the Bell Buoy.


Eddie’s guests with some nice fish from the Cap Mouth earlier this week.



Tom’s guest with a nice coho from the Cap Mouth this morning.

On our longer trips we have been going down to the South Arm when winds allow. We have had good success in this area for chinook, coho, and a few chum as well. The big draw to this area in mid September are the large white chinook. This is your best chance at catching a Tyee in our local waters (a chinook over 30 pounds). Jason was with some clients at the South Arm this week and they did just that. Hot depths have been 35 to 75 and on the sunny days the deeper rods seem to be hot.


Brett holding up his Tyee from a trip with Jason at South Arm this week. This fish tipped the scales at 30.73 pounds and almost emptied the reel on the first run! Way to go Brett!


The name of the game for tackle this time of year is bait. If you have been reading the reports you know we are running bait on all our rods. We are running about a 50/50 mix of herring and anchovies.

Hopefully the winds allow us to head south a few more times this coming week and if so we fully anticipate some big chinook being caught. It is likely we will see a decent push at the Cap this week as well, so brine up your bait and get out there!

See you on the water or in the shop,

Jason Tonelli