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Vancouver Friday Fishing Report, June 15

Pacific Angler Outlook

The story for this week unfortunately has been the weather.  The week started off with a bang on Monday…beautiful sunny day with no clouds.  A tease it was, as the clouds and rains returned for the rest of the week.

A lot of the reports have been quite similiar from the interior lake anglers.  Unstable weather with grey overcast skies and scattered showers.  While the weather has been poor we’ve actually heard of some good reports.  I’ll get into these in the lake fishing section.

The coastal river fishing on certain watersheds with regulated flows (ie. dams) had actually been producing quite well up to last weekend.  However, with the rain we received during the week and warmer temperatures most of those systems have risen making them difficult to fish effectively.  The majority of these systems won’t be fishable until the end of July/beginning of August.  Now is the time to truly switch over from river fishing to the lakes for the freshwater angler.

For the saltwater beach angler we haven’t heard of any hot reports but I am sure fish are starting to show up.  The local beach fishery will only strengthen as we get further into summer.  The saltwater boat anglers have been doing well lately when the weather permits.  The Vancouver local fishery has been tough over the last two to three weeks while the Gulf Islands have been producing well for large chinook salmon when the weather permits.  We expect this trend to continue unless the coho start showing up soon.  Jason boated the very first tyee of the year amongst the Vancouver fleet.  Way to go Isaac!

The weather trend for the weekend is overcast with a 60% chance of showers.  You can expect highs ranging from 16 to 19 degrees Celsius and lows ranging from 11 to 13 degrees Celsius.  For the saltwater angler the marine forecast is calling for strong winds ranging from 15 to 25 knots southeast on Saturday.  The dreaded northwest winds return on Sunday, ranging from 10 to 20 knots.

BC Lake Fishing Report:

As stated before unstable weather has made it very difficult over the last two weeks.  We have heard of some good reports though, just make sure to bring your raincoat and fleece pants.  The bombers have been reported to arrive in certain lakes throughout the Kamloops region such as Roche Lake.  Staple items for this time of year are chironomids of varied sizes and colours, leeches, mayflies and even sedge patterns.

The weekend forecast for the Kamloops area is similiar to Vancouver with overcast skies and 40 to 60% chances of showers.  The highs range from 20 to 21 degrees Celsius while the lows range from 13 to 14 degrees Celsius.  This trend seems to continue until Wednesday but then breaks up on Thursday with clearer skies and warmer temperatures.   You can expect a similiar weather pattern in Merritt and throughout the Cariboo region.

To view the very latest reports please read below:

The Latest Reports

  • Peter Hope was fishing well but the weather was cold and rainy
  • Nicola Lake has been fishing well
  • Mamette Lake has been reported to producing some good chironomid hatches
  • Forest and Kestrel Lakes were fishing slow last week due to the very unsettled weather.  No consistent hatches were happening.
  • Roche Lake has been fishing well with some larger fish being caught on small chironomids, bombers, and leaches under an indicator with 20+ feet of tippet.
  • Mayfly, chironomid and leeches were producing well at Corbett Lake last week.
  •  Some reports of good chironomid hatches on Stump Lake with mayflies just around the corner.
  • Sheridan Lake should be fishing well.  Patterns to try are chironomids, sedges, freshwater shrimp, and leeches.
  • Courtney Lake was fishing well with chironomids under an indicator and 20+ ft. of tippet.
  • and many more lakes producing at this time of year.  Make sure to drop by Pacific Angler before you head out for the latest intel.

Help us make this report even better.  If you have a good (or bad) report from lake fishing this weekend send me an email at msharp@pacificangler.ca.  The best report I receive will win 3 of Andre’s very effective micro leeches!  The winner will receive an email from myself.

Local Lakes

On Sunday June 17 the Pacific Angler team will be at Rice Lake giving free casting lessons to all those who attend.  We are looking forward to this great event and hope all those will come out and join us.  Click on the link below for more information:

2012 Family Fishing Day – Rice Lake, Sunday June 17 

The local Vancouver lakes have been fishing well.  Our head saltwater guide, Eddie, was out fishing with his little girl the other night and got 5 nice fish.  Lake fishing in the lower mainland has been quite good this week due to recent stockings in preparation for BC Family Fishing weekend.  Now is the time to head out with family or friends.

Vancouver Saltwater Fishing Report:

I wish I had some different news for the saltwater report.  Jason will be out on the water all weekend so will update the “Guide Journal” with his usual pre-weekend prognosis.  Thrasher Rock has been the hot fishery this week and will most likely continue to be the place to be for the next two weeks.  All of our guides are waiting for the coho to arrive!  The water level of the Capilano River seems to play a large role in this fishery.  Last year the Capilano River was high for all of June and as a result the fish shot straight up river.  This year is looking similiar as there were some great river fishing reports on the Capilano River last week.  However, the water level has now dropped and if we get a dry spell this could stack up the fish.  Eddie is on a 5 hour local trip today.  He will be fishing along the Bell Buoy and then Ambleside.  I’ll update PA Facebook page with any new reports.

If you’ve read the two last Guide Journal reports you’ve probably noticed that there have been a few 20 lb. plus chinooks being caught.  Jason landed a tyee on the weekend while Eddie got his clients a chrome 21 lb fish as well.  This fishery is all about quality and not quantity.  That is the exciting part about this time of year.  When your rods come off the downrigger you never know what you are going to get.  It could be a tyee!

Spattle back hootchies with the kinetic green & glow flasher has been producing well at Thrasher Rock.  We have also heard that standard spoons such as “Cop Car, Night Rider, Irish Cream, Cookies & Cream, etc” have been producing in sizes 3.5 and 4.0.

If you would like the latest fishing report please do not hesitate to contact Pacific Angler at 604-872-2204 before you head out.

BC River Fishing Report:

Last week the river fishing had actually been producing in certain areas.  We heard of good reports on the Capilano up to last weekend.  The action seems to have slowed down for this week.  This probably means that we are in between bumps of coho.  If you are looking for a great local fishery after work you definitely should give Capilano a try.

Other watersheds were producing well in the Sea-to-Sky corridor for trout and char.  With the rain and warmer temperatures we received this past week these rivers have risen dramatically and probably won’t be fishable until the end of July.

The Upper Pitt River is fishing at a great level right now.  It has been a challenge locating fish but a wave of fresh fish should be making their way up now.

For the river fishermen it is really important that you keep your eyes on the river levels.  If you see a window when a river drops back into shape take the opportunity and head out.  You never know, you might be the person making the reports.

As stated before rivers have entered freshet stage and will run dirty and high until the end of July/beginning of August.  This is actually really exciting as we have this amazing fishery to look forward to.  We’ll be posting some tips and hot spots to visit for world class trout fishing right in our backyard.

From the Pacific Angler team we hope you found this report helpful.  If you have any questions about our fishing report, do not hesitate to drop by our store at 78 East Broadway or give us a call at 604-872-2204.

Have a great weekend I’ll see you out there,

Matt Sharp & the PA TEAM