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Vancouver Friday Fishing Report, May 25th

Pacific Angler Outlook

Unsettled is a good word to describe both the weather and the fishing this last week. We had a number of average to good reports from the lake country. We saw some action on the local salt when the weather cooperated and there were some good reports from both Fraser sturgeon and the rivers not affected by freshet. This is awesome news because the weather looks great for weekend and the fishing should just get better. Check out the forecasts below:

Another note of interest in the forecast is for some AWESOME SAVINGS Saturday June 2nd and Sun June 3rd, 9AM to 7PM at our official Grand Opening Sale  click to check out details!

Please read below for the marine forecast. This is a great resource to check the conditions before you head out on the salt chuck.

Environment Canada – Georgia Basin Marine Report

Marine Forecast:

The Georgia Basin marine forecast is calling for some more north westerns today but we’ll see if they show up.  The forecast looks better for Saturday with winds Northwest 10 to 15 knots then switching on Sunday wind variable 5 to 15 knots becoming Southwest 10 to 20 in the evening.  Make sure to keep your eye on the forecast as the weather is always changing on the ocean.

BC Lake Fishing Report:


Unsettled weather this last week brought some “unsettled” fishing. This is going to change.   Temperatures (Kamloops Weather) will reach mid 20’s and should be perfect for the weekend.  I love hearing lack luster reports prior to the weekend with a warming trend forecasted. We expect this to be some of the better fishing of the season over the next week or so as long as the weather stays warm.

Current turnover is beginning at 3,500 ft. Even the more mountainous sheltered lakes above the 4,000 ft. elevations (like lakes on the Coquihalla highway) began to ice off this week.  We still recommend dragging your heels for planning trips above 4,000 ft.

We haven’t heard of any great mayfly hatches yet though we expect some people are keeping there lips buttoned. I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens this weekend.

Chronies and micro leaches are obviously still the “go to” and Andre has been tying up a storm building his custom micro leeches. This is an interesting fly. It is relatively simple to tie but you need the right consistency and weight to give the fly movement under the strike indicator. Come by the shop and André will show you the special blend he uses to get the fly just right (yes – he’s incredibly detailed oriented but that’s why the fish fear him and we love him!)

The Latest Reports

-Scuitto and Campbell are off and we heard of water temps in the 50s (Farenheit) on the weekend.

-We had a slow report from Deka lake.

-Watch Lake had some good fishing though the average size has been down from previous years.

-We got a detailed report from the Kane lake area. Fish were showing on the sounder between 20 and 25 ft.  Though the productive rods found fish in 18 ft.  Chironomids coming off were grey with red butts and/or red veins. Chromies, black red butts and static bag red ribs in 14s and 12s caught a few fish that hit the 6lb mark. We would not say the fishing was “hot” but with the warmer weekend approaching the lakes in the area should fish very well. Also look at Lumbom, Courtney, Marqaurt and Corbett lake to fish well this weekend.

-We had slow reports from Sheridan Lake though this is common for unsettled weather this time of year.

-Blue Lake was busy and we haven’t heard if the road is clear to Little Blue Lake.  Though a few guys are heading up this weekend and we expect them to do well.

-Roche fished well with Andre’s micro leech and a few groups did awesome in Monster Bay fishing a little shallower than last week.  We didn’t hear what was working but make sure to use your stomach pumps to match the hatch.

-We heard a good report off Stake Lake with good numbers of smaller fish on Andre’s micro leech.

-We had a report from Stump Lake. It was not “hot” though the guys hit some larger than average fish.

-Englishmen Lake (though it had reports of winter kill, see last weeks report for the Winter Kill list) reported some descent fishing for smaller 14-16 inch fish which makes sense with the “winter Kill” reports.  Although we would like to hear some more confirmed reports.

-We didn’t hear any reports from Dragon Lake or Forest Lake this week. That could be a good thing or a bad thing. If you hear of anything or hit the Quenelle area this weekend let us know.

-Help us make this report even better. If you have a good (or bad) report from the lakes this weekend send me an email (msharp@pacificangler.ca) or give the shop a call at 604-872-2204.  The best story I receive will win 3 of Andre’s micro leaches! I will email the winning person to come down to the shop to claim their prize.

Local Lakes

The lake specific links below will take you to Fishing with Rod. Thanks Rodney for providing such an amazing resource for local lakes.

Region 2’s trout stocking database

Fishing remains excellent for most lakes. Except Lafarge, Como, and Green Timbers. They are not producing as well because they have not been stocked. There should be another stocking soon.

Buntzen Lake and Sasamat Lake were just stocked. The floating dock at Sasamat Lake is a great spot to get the kids into a fish or just escape for a few hours.

Cultus Lake had some good reports for fishing for cutties at the outflow on the north end.

Alouette Lake’s kokanee fishing has picked up quite a bit due to the warm weather. Anglers have had success by trolling with red flies or bait fishing with corn and krill.

Whistler area lakes are productive. Alta Lake is a good destination for large cutthroat trout and plenty of active rainbow trout. It is a catch and release fishery.

Squamish area lakes have been stocked.  The unsettled weather has made things difficult.

Lakes in the Harrison/Aggasiz region (Weaver, Deer, Hicks) have been productive.

Vancouver Saltwater Fishing Report:

The Salty Dawg (our guide boat) had some descent fishing this week. We hit fish off the south end of Bowen Island.  Over the last 2 days Bowen Island has slowed down and Thrasher Rock has picked up. Yesterday we hit 4 keepers fishing at depths of 90 -120 ft, but we’ve heard of fish being hit as shallow as 60 ft. and as deep as 180 ft.  The glow green flashers with glow tape was the ticket with a 3.5 inch glow green, 3.5  inch night rider and 3.5 inch irish cream.  We had no luck on the hoochies yesterday though that can change over night.  Check out the Guide Journal for a fully detailed report.

BC River Fishing Report:

We have heard more decent reports of early Coho in the Capilano River and some of the first fly fishing reports.  However the reports were still very sporadic. This system will start fishing well over the next 2 months. Fish float rigs, small green and blue spinners or use a full heavy sinking line and small flies in the deeper pools. There are also summer run steelhead showing up (remember that all steelhead are catch and release).

Carp Fishing (something we haven’t reported on before but worth a look!)

Carp Fishing in the Vancouver area is under rated and for the most part an untouched sports fishery for both gear and fly anglers. Rodney Hsu of fishing with Rod published an interesting article on the basics of carp fish and how he has tackled these slough monsters. Check it out here. Areas to look at are; Sturgeon Slough in Pitt Meadows, ditches/sloughs in Ladner, Lafarge Lake in Coquitlam, Hatzic Lake near Mission, Sumas Canal in Chilliwack, Maria Slough in Aggasiz and Deer Lake in Burnaby.

If you are heading farther a field, for the family vacation don’t worry if the lake you are on is not a good “trout lake”. The Okanagan and Skaha lakes and tons of others across BC have monster carp. Every year I fish for carp on the Okanogan Lake with both bait and fly. Though we do not claim to be masters of the technique it’s pretty rare that we don’t find fish. If you are interested in this fishery come down to the shop and we can share strategies.

If you have any questions about our fishing report please do not hesitate to drop by our store at 78 East Broadway or give us a call at 604-872-2204.

Have a great weekend I’ll see you out there,

Matt Sharp