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Winter Chinook Salmon Fishing – Book Your Trip Now!

There is no need to wait until the spring or summer to get out on the water and get your fishing fix!  In Vancouver we are blessed with ability to fish every day of the year, with the weather usually being our only hinderance!
This year we are experiencing some of the best winter chinook fishing we have seen in many, many years, as the large amount of herring in the Strait of Georgia this winter seems to be drawing in good numbers of chinook from our neighbours down in Puget Sound.  Our expert guides are all winter chinook specialists, as this is often when they do most of their own personal fishing!  It is also a great time of year to add some fresh Dungeness crab to your haul from the trip.
A great haul of Dungeness Crab

A great haul of Dungeness Crab

Winter chinook, or “feeders”, as they are commonly referred to are aggressively feeding chinook salmon that won’t be spawning for at least another 1 or 2 years.  They average 5-15 pounds and sometimes they even crack the 20 lb mark.  You might ask yourself why our guides are out all winter chasing these fish down.  Well the fact is, our guides know these are without a doubt, the best eating salmon you can catch.  They are in their prime and their table fare is absolutely amazing as all of the food they eat (shrimp and herring) is devoted to protein and body fat.  To top it all off, they are also extremely good fighters.
Winter chinook caught on a recent long range trip!

Winter chinook caught on a recent long range trip!

We are offering a special rate  for these winter trips.  Fuel prices are down and we want to pass those savings to you.  A half day trip (5  hours) is $500 and will have you fishing the productive waters of Vancouver Harbour, which often have some of the most consistent winter chinook fishing of the season.  A full day trip or long range trip is $800 and will give you access to some of our top producing spots up Howe Sound and over in the Gulf Islands.
Sunny Day for Vancouver Fishing

Great sunny day for some winter chinook fishing.

Moored in Coal Harbour on the north end of downtown Vancouver we can have you out fishing in a matter of minutes from our docks.


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