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Friday Fishing Report: Jan 17th, 2014

Outlook: The weather coming up is good to amazing!  When I went online to check the forecast I did a “double-take” as I was not used to seeing so many days with little sun icon as the main icon! More fish have been pushing in to your local favorite rivers so get out there and get a tight line! If you are heading out onto the salt chasing winter chinook, prawning and crabbing you will also be treated to some great weather.  As always with the ocean, check the Strait of Georgia Marine Forecast before you go as those conditions can change quickly. Retail Highlights With the steelhead season upon us and bull trout fishing across lower mainland in full swing we loaded up the…

Pacific Angler Fishing Courses: NEW COURSES in 2014!!

FINALLY….they are here.  The long awaited, much talked about, Oscar nominated, Golden Globe finalists (in every category) and the teasers we have been putting out over the last few months can now be set aside for round 1 of new FEATURE courses at Pacific Angler which have been organized, confirmed and are ready for booking! Over the last year we have been soliciting input from our customer base as to which courses you would like to see in addition to the courses we currently offer.  In 2014, we will continue to add NEW courses to the mix of our industry leading curriculum of fishing courses.  THANKS to YOUR input we have these new courses and we look forward to further crafting our selection so that…

Friday Fishing Report: Jan 10th, 2014

Outlook: In January we look forward to reports of fresh steelhead pushing into rivers, winter chinook becoming keepers as they continue to feast on the bait balls coming into the harbour and around Bowen Island etc.  While fresh rain is helping out the rivers and bringing in fresh fish, its not the most pleasant weather to angle in and it does make for ugly commutes to work and back! Looking ahead for the next 7-10days in the Lower Mainland we are seeing a lot of rain in forecast which may dump some snow on the upper reaches of the Squamish so if you are heading up to higher elevations please check the current forecasts and be sure you are properly equipped for winter driving to…

Pacific Angler’s 2014 Fishing Courses

The team at Pacific Angler is humbled and excited by the success of our fishing courses we hosted in 2013 and previous years.  For anyone out there that has coached, taught, motivated, inspired just one person in helping them have success in an area they are passionate about you will understand how we feel. We get as excited as our students when, either during a course or in a subsequent fishing trip they take the knowledge we have shared and apply it so that they catch their first coho on the fly, salmon while beach fishing, trout on a chironomid or any fish on a fly they tied themselves!  We get emails, phone calls or visits to the store and it truly makes our day….

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