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Happy Holidays from Pacific Angler

Happy Holidays from Pacific Angler
It’s hard to believe that 2012 is winding down. We are now into the final month of the year and it has caught me reminiscing. 2012 has brought some big challenges to Pacific Angler including a move into our new location on 78 East Broadway and our involvement in the very first Labour Day Chinook Classic.

This simply would not have happened without your support. From the Pacific Angler staff we thank you for giving us the opportunity to share your fishing stories and help you achieve your fishing dreams.

chocolate artsGoing with that theme, we know how hard it can be to get that special gift for the holidays. That’s why the Pacific Angler staff have gotten together and selected their favourite gifts, from stocking stuffers to those big presents, which we call The Big One.

To make the whole gift complete Pacific Angler is offering our customary chocolate fish and gift bag package with purchases $50.00 and over. Our friendly and knowledgeable Pacific Angler staff will take the time to help you select that perfect gift!

And to make life easier Pacific Angler has a Holiday Gift Registry. If you now exactly what you would like simply call Pacific Angler @ 604-872-2204, register, and tell your love one! Yep, it’s that easy.

Pacific Angler Selected Stocking Stuffers

1.) Simms Windstopper half-fingers ($54.95), Simms Windstopper Flap ($34.95), Simms Exstream Wading Sock ($29.95). This gift is perfect for any steelheader who endures cold days on the west coast of British Columbia.

simms socks
2.) Fly Fusion Magazine ($8.95), & Connect Fly Fishing DVD ($29.95). This stocking stuffer will keep your fly fishermen dreaming of big fish for those days he or she can not get on the water.

fly fusion
3.) Simms Sunshield ($34.95), Sunglove ($23.95), & Simms Sun Armour ($44.95). Are you planning on going somewhere warm this winter? This is the perfect gift as it will keep your fishermen protected from the strong southern sun.

warmwater package
4.) Kingfisher Lite Spoon ($7.59), Anchovy Special ($11.79), & Big Shooter Flasher ($16.99). Does bouncing rod tips, bait balls, & mellow flood tides get your loved one excited. If yes, then this is the perfect stocking stuffer.

saltwater gear
5.) Handmade cork float ($7.99), Mad River Eggs ($5.49), Mad River Worms ($5.49), River Yarn ($2.29), Seaguar Blue Label Leader ($13.99), & Goey Bobs ($7.19). This is the perfect stocking stuffer If your loved one gets excited about watching his float go down.

freshwater gear
6.) Amherst ($24.99), Jungle Cock ($150.00), Grizzly Saddle Hackle ($75.00), Select Goose Shoulders ($4.25), & Golden Pheasant Skin ($14.99). Our knowledgeable staff will help you pick the perfect fly tying materials from our huge selection.

fly tying material

The Big One

The gift ideas below are straight off the wish list of the Pacific Angler staff. We believe they would make an unforgettable gift for that special someone in your life.

1.) Dimtri’s selection: John Milner Kingfisher ($535.00)

2.) Matt’s selection: Hardy Perfect 3 7/8, made in England ($695.00)

3.) Andre’s selection: Sage TCX 7126-4 Spey Rod ($950.00)

4.) Jason’s selection: Babcock Custom Rod Sage SA 4110/SA3106 ($600.00)

5.) Dave’s selection: Simms Bulkley Jacket ($319.95)

From the Pacific Angler staff we wish you happy holidays, tight lines, and big fish. If there is anything we can do for you please do not hesitate to contact us by replying to this email, calling Pacific Angler @ 604-872-2204, or better yet dropping by the shop @ 78 East Broadway. We look forward to seeing you either in the shop or on the water.

Happy Holidays,

Jason Tonelli and the Pacific Angler Team

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