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Home / New Product / SAGE Z-AXIS RODS 40% OFF!


We are selling our remaining Sage Z-Axis rods at 40% off US MSRP!  This is a great deal for an amazing rod.  These rods have been replaced by the Sage One, but don’t let that fool you, these are one of the smoothest fast action rods I have ever fished.  By that I mean they are not only a pleasure to cast but to hook and play fish with as well.  There are many rods on the market that are light weight and fast action, but not nearly as many that “fish well”  I find that most of today’s fast action rods feel more like a carbon fiber broom handle than a fishing rod .  What we like so much about the Z-Axis is its lightweight, fast yet smooth action, and the facit it is a pleasure to fight fish with.

These rods come with a full lifetime warranty, are built with G5 Technology and are assembled with premium components.

Here is what we have left:

Z-Axis 490-4  9 foot, 4 WT, 4 piece. On sale for $415 CAD.   A great rod for the Skagit and for smaller lakes or smaller fish.

Z-Axis 690-4  9 foot, 6 WT, 4 piece.  On sale for $415 CAD.  Excellent all around trout rod for the lakes, rivers, and beaches.

Z-Axis 5100-4  10 foot, 5 WT, 4 piece.  On sale for $425 CAD.  This a great rod for chironomid fishing, one of Brian Chan’s favourites, and is also a great choice for the angler fishing from a float tube.  My personal favourite for lake fishing as well.

Z-Axis 6100-4  10 foot, 6 WT, 4 piece.  On sale for $425 CAD.  Also an excellent lake fishing rod with the extra power to handle larger fish and a great trout rod on larger rivers as well.  One of our favourites for trout fishing larger rivers like the Thompson.

We only have one of each left, so if you are interested please call the shop ASAP at 604-872-2204.

See you in the shop or on the water,

Jason Tonelli