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What’s New Wednesday, Simms’ Layering Systems

Just before Christmas Pacific Angler received a shipment of the essential base layers to keep the winter steelhead fishermen both warm and dry.

This includes the Waderwick fleece top and bottom, the Guide fleece pant, Waderwick bottom & crew top, DownUnder Merino bottom & ziptop and Rivertek bottom and top.

Pacific Angler also carries other essentials such as toques, gloves, and winter socks.  All of Simms products are made specifically for the fishermen with quality and durability in mind.

For the person who is new to winter steelheading it is important to dress appropriately so you are comfortable throughout the day.  Layering is the most important.  It enables you to adjust your layers depending on your core temperature.

Here is an example of what I would wear throughout a day of winter steelheading:

1.) Thick merino or wool sock

2.) Long johns (merino, polypropylene)

3.) Fleece pants

4.) Tight fitting long sleeve top (merino, polypropylene)

5.) Fleece top

6.) Waterproof rain jacket (shell)

7.) Breathable waders


Trucker cap, wool toque, & gloves.

Andre has also been busy tying his custom flies for both steelhead and bulltrout.  Pacific Angler also has custom tied intruders by Will that are sure to tempt those chrome steelhead.

Custom tied flies for our coastal rivers

We’ve heard some good reports of steelhead being caught throughout the Fraser Valley so make sure to get out there and wet a line.

Tight Lines,


Working a prime run waiting for the pull.